Memos, Emails & Business Letters

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SUBJECT: Tips for writing Memos, Emails & Business Letters

Memos are used to communicate with employees in house. It can be used to communicate to one individual, or an entire group/department. This is useful because it communicates a message while keep record of this message.

Guidelines for writing a Memo:

  1. Make sure you include the word “MEMO” at the top of the document.
  2. Make sure you include the correct DATE:
  3. TO: tells who the memo is addressed to, while FROM: tells who wrote the memo.
  4. Also it is helpful to include the SUBJECT: of the memo
  5. Within the body of the MEMO, 3-4 paragraphs are appropriate.

The standard for writing emails should essentially be exactly the same as the way write memos in order to show who the email is for, who the email is from and why the email has been sent. A helpful tip while composing a work-related email is to separate the content with breaks for better organization that’s easier to read and reference. What makes email more effective than a traditional memo is the speed in which you get the information out. Electronic email is much faster than writing, proofreading, printing and copying, and delivering the memo to the receiver/s.

Business Letters, unlike emails and memos, are used more for communication and sending information outside of the company. Although is electronic communication is much faster and easier, formal business letters are still used for the many reasons, such as giving or responding to a formal complaint.

Guidelines for writing a business letter:

  1. Include the sender’s ADDRESS at the very top of the document
  2. The exact DATE
  3. The FULL NAME, TITLE and ADDRESS of the person receiving the letter
  4. Salutations to the receiver, followed by a colon (Example, “Dear Mrs. Smith”)
  5. Body of the letter split into 3 distinct parts
  6. A professional but complimentary close (Example, “Sincerely, John”)
  7. The sender’s signature
  8. The sender’s name in print displayed under the signature.
  9. At the end of the letter, include an enclosure line to disclose any additional items.

I hope this memo helps clarify the differences between memos, emails, business letters, and when using one or the other is appropriate based on the situation and reason for the message. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Assignment #11 Communication Style Guide

Our company is SkyWalkers. It is a Space flights company.

Create a typed communication style guide for your company (SkyWalkers) to include cover page, table of contents, descriptions and guidelines for writing memos, emails, letters, short, medium and long reports (indicate which types and when these would be used), power point presentations, oral reports, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, bulletin board announcements and fliers.  You may create a company logo, brand and spirit line to enhance your guide and gain extra points.  This guide should be uploaded to Canvas as a Word or Pdf file.  If you are unable to produce this electronically, you may submit paper instead. 


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