Order# FP652; Human rights and global justice

Order# FP652; Human rights and global justice

Please answer (choose) ONE of the following questions
1. ‘International human rights law is both practically and conceptually incapable of addressing poverty.’
Evaluate the above statement.
2. ‘The idea that individuals should not be discriminated against due to characteristics or features inherent to them, is one of the central notions upon which the international human rights law edifice is built. The paradox is, that notwithstanding this, international human rights law entrenches discrimination against women in the name of religion or custom.’
Evaluate the above statement.
3. ‘Global human rights enforcement mechanisms, be they treaty based or Charter based are simply not fit for purpose’.
Evaluate the above statement.
Dear writer,

– I am a master of law student in an English university. So, I would like UK writer not American writer please.
– I need to get distinction in this assignment of the module (Human rights and global justice), so if (Human rights Law) is not your specific area in law, lets change the writer from the beginning please as I had some problems and failed in the module in the last semester, and my order online was not useful last time and I wasted my time and money!

1. Before you start writing, tell me what did you choose please.
2. Have a look at the attached files please. You will find these files:
* Module Introductory Pack, I sent you this file so as to depend (mostly) on the Reading and Resource Lists that the teacher depends on.
* Questions and Instructions, so as to choose one of the topics
3. Use as much references as you can please.
4. My assignment should be written in the UK system, it called OSCOLA , I didn’t find it in the options of Paper citation style! do you have an idea about that please?
5. Please, be careful of grammatical and spelling mistakes as I am not perfect in English language and it maybe hard to me to get them correct.
6. If I like your paper, I may choose you to write my dissertation in June.

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