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Number of pages: 4

Type of assignment: Assessment

Academic level: University Level, Master’s

Referencing style: Harvard

Number of sources: 3

Subject: Marketing

Country: Australia (UK English)

Assignment extract:1200 words

It’s a group assignment, I have to complete four parts which include introduction, climate, technology and others, I did some in the China Eastern Airline and Qantas document, some of points also included. e.g. red highlighted is main point, should be write in each part, and normally 300-400 words a part, Thanks.


China eastern airline and Qantas

how to attract australian visit and trip to China

look at how they market themselves to Australia. Thoughts?

The marketing plan will focus on the airline’s attempts to gain greater market share for Australians travelling to China 


(if applicable – eg outdoor restaurant)

Facilities have been updated and redecorated to better service their passengers in China eastern airline.

non-slip floors are designed for the wellbeing of the elder, children and the disable. Besides, there are four main lounges in the airport with the clean and tidy area for buffet and comfortable couches, separately locating in boarding zone. As a result of that, the passengers could enjoy their high-quality meals and relax themselves after their flight.

passengers always come first to them.


China eastern airline is one of three main airline companies in China, which has 50 overseas offices and 11 domestic branches. The airline support many kinds of location around the world and owns multiple stagnation points in China are the great blessing of travel selection. Line of overseas flight is supported to many country, which covering China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia. In Addition, airline ticket with China Eastern Airlines has cheap flights to top destinations. As a result,  passengers can look for flight tickets in special price by the way of online booking or travel agencies. Furthermore, China Eastern Airlines helps tourism finding the flight that suits travellers best with low cost.

China Eastern has opened  a new route to Australia and raise the frequency of flights between Shanghai and Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns during peak periods;  moreover, the route has renewed to airline market between Australia and China, increasing double- daily flight Sydney to shanghai and Melbourne to Shanghai, and develop raff destinations including Changchun, Jinan and Wuhan. This partnership will make both side travellers and tourism business connections faster and easier.

Qantas and China Eastern will deliver more services to customers, such as better departure and arrival airline schedules, short transit time and increase flyers benefit. Besides, the airline provides better travel experience for the growing numbers of customers  and strengthen the connection between Australia and  China. In 2016, China Eastern has built a new lounge in Shanghai, and it is now available to eligible Qantas travellers. In the partnership,  Gareth the CEO of Qantas international Evans said that the corporation of Qantas and China Eastern aim to be the first choice between Australia and China.


But can you focus on China Eastern’s website and online presence too please. You should compare the Airline’s technology to other airlines


(including seasonal variations in flights/ passengers)

Project Plan: overview

For this marketing plan assignment- carrying a 50 per cent weighting, the team (Stella, Cherry, Stu, Irene and Jesse) will prepare a marketing plan for China Eastern Airlines. The marketing plan will focus on the airline’s attempts to gain greater market share for Australians travelling to China, in particular- Shanghai. The airline currently serves Sydney and Melbourne with daily flights.

Figure 1 China Eastern Airlines route map: Australian Destinations (2016)

The former Australian Trade Minister, Andrew Robb, said recently that “China is Australia’s most valuable tourism market”. Australian Government tourism data shows that in 2013-14 nearly 760,000 Chinese travellers spent close to $5 billion in Australia.

A new bilateral air services agreement between Australia and China was signed in January 2015. This agreement now permits Australian and Chinese airlines to be able to immediately operate up to 26,500 seats per week between Australia’s major gateway cities and Beijing, Shanghai (China Eastern Airlines’ main hub) and Guangzhou – an increase of 4,000 weekly seats or around 18% on these routes. In addition, the agreement permits a further 7,000 weekly seats to and from these destinations will be phased in over the next two years, to a total of 33,500 weekly seats.

While Australia understands the lucrative potential for Chinese visitors to the Australian economy, there is limited discussion in English-speaking media about Chinese airlines or tourist authorities seeking growth through the Australian travel market. Australian airline data shows that there are substantial ‘peaks and troughs’ in airline activity between Australia and China. These variations can be attributed to travel patterns. For example, January is a busy time of year to travel for both inbound (into Australia) visitors- with Chinese New Year holiday festivities; and outbound (out of Australia) due to school holidays.

These seasonal variations will form a key premise for this marketing plan: seeking to identify ways that China Eastern can improve its load factor outside of peak holiday periods. One way to improve is by attracting a greater share of Australians travelling to its hub, Shanghai, and other airports it services (via Shanghai).

The chart below shows the load factor of flights between Sydney and Melbourne to Shanghai from January 2005 to December 2015. This demonstrates the significant seasonal variations alluded to above, with December, May and June typically ‘lower load’ months.


This marketing plan will be focused on China Eastern Airlines’ attempt to attract Australian travellers to Shanghai and the surrounding provinces. Specifically, the Marketing plan will address the following questions:

  • Will the airline have to adjust its product to meet the needs of the outbound Australian travel market?
  • How will the airline ensure its prices are appropriate for the Australian travel market?
  • What promotion will the airline have to carry out to increase brand awareness in the Australian market?
  • How will the airline position/ place itself in Australia to appeal to the local outbound travel market?


Four of group members must work very hard, try our best on the assignment and get HD for this assignment.


This plan aims to evaluate the climate that the business operates in, external environmental changes that affect the business and who the competitors of the business are.And look at the competitive advantage of the organization and what their product/ service, price, place and promotion can offer to the target audience that other organizations operating in the same field may not be able to offer.


This plan also aim to attain the strategic objectives set out by:

1.explain and discuss strategic market segmentation and positioning.

  1. formulate a marketing strategy, with particular emphasis on the development of product, distribution, promotion and pricing strategies and tactics.
  2. demonstrate a strategic approach to marketing in highly competitive markets, both domestically and offshore.
  3. conduct a marketing audit of an organisation.
  4. analyse case studies and develop a marketing plan.
  5. utilise strategic thinking to make appropriate marketing decisions; and
  6. demonstrate generic skills: communication; analysis and enquiry; problem solving; independent work; team work; professionalism and social responsibility.



Not just finished the assignment by time. Through this task, we can learn some different and unique things from each member and the assignment. Like we are not just written the assignment, as a group, the communication and team work skills could also be learned. And base on different culture and background,we can make our knowledge more widely.

Activities/ Dividing up sections

Based on the unit outline, the following items need to be done in the assignment:

Executive summary (1 – 2 page summary of the whole plan)

Leave till the end- team effort




Objectives of the Marketing Plan & Major Marketing Problem/ issues. Make sure objectives are SMART


Company Description/ Background of the organisation(market situation)


The environments that impact on the organisation

Jesse (but there isn’t really much work here because it is an airline)



Government regulations


Legal Changes

Jesse (with Cherry to advise on Chinese aviation regulations)

Social / Cultural Changes


Climate (if applicable – eg outdoor restaurant)

Stella (there probably isn’t really much work here because it is an airline)

Other? (including seasonal variations in flights/ passengers)

Stella (there probably isn’t really much work here because it is an airline)

Competitor Analysis & Competitive Advantage of the organisation (SWOT Analysis?)


Target market segments/ Segmentation(customer analysis)

Irene/ Cherry

Recommendations for product, price including breakeven point, promotion and place / distribution. Note: you will place most emphasis on the promotion topic. Jesse A budget for implementing your strategies – revenue and costs


Assignment weighting

  • Executive summary/intro/conclusion:10
  • competitor analysis advantages& Competitive Advantage of the organization(SWOT):10
  • Objectives of the marketing plan&Major marketing problems:10
  • Target market segments/Segmentation(customer analysis):10
  • Environmental forces(including: Technology, Government regulations,legal changes, social/cultural changes, climate and other):10
  • Recommendations:
    • (Product Width and depth, Branding, Life cycle, Packaging, Positioning, Promotion plus schedule, utilising promotional mix) 5+ Recommendations for promotion plus schedule,utilising promotional mix 5+pricing recommendations(pricing/breakeven,pricing strategies) 5+Distribution recommendations(use of middlemen, location) 5=20
  • Overall recommendations contribution:5
  • Budget:5
  • Presentation of report:5
  • Depth of analysis and research&referencing:15


Refer to the colour coded table on page 2


  • We can do our own parts at the same time or one by one.
  • We should aim to have a skype conversation or chat on Facebook every few days to see how we are all going.


Whole assignment draft must be done around 22 April which we can have one week to revise and revise.


1.cannot finish on time.

2.cannot join the group meeting or discussion.

3.someone withdraw the unit.

4.someone done the assignment parts badly.

But I still hope there won’t be any risks happened during this time.

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