Anthropology Essays and Research Papers for Spring 2016

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Our Writers have completed various anthropology essays. Students have passed with high scores in the course. Some of the courses in anthropology that our writes have done are as follows;

ANTH G4031y  Money on the Silk Road: Debt, Gifts and Bribes

ANTH G6078y The Ethnography of Sound

ANTH W4282y Islamic Law

ANTH G8498y Modern China

ANTH G6157y The Idea of a Radical Black Tradition

ANTH G6304y Modernity, Media, the Uncanny

ANTH G6116y Social Theory and Contemporary Questions

ANTH G6212y Seminar: Principles and Applications in Social and Cultural Anthropology

ANTH G9999x and y Weekly Seminar

ANTH G6602y Questions in Anthropological Theory II

ANTH G4470y Humans and Other Animals

ANTH W4033y Historical Archaeology of the Modern World

ANTH G6031y Contesting the Past

ANTHRO 1; Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTHRO N1; Introduction to physical Anthropology

ANTHRO 106 Primate Behviour

ANTHRO 107 Evolution of Human Brain

ANTHRO 121 A Historical Archaeology: American Material Culture

ANTHRO 121 B Historical Archaelogy: Theoritical Approaches in American Historical Archaelogy

ANTHRO 122 E Archaelogy of the Americans: Andean Archaeology: People of the Andes

ANTHRO 122D Holocene Paleoecology: How Humans Changed the Earth

ANTHRO 138A History and Theory of Ethnographic Film

ANTHRO 150 Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times

ANTHRO 147B Sexuality, Culture and Colonialism

ANTHRO 148 Anthropology of the Environment


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