Anthro 697TM: Indigenous Research: Theories and Methods

Anthro 697TM: Indigenous Research: Theories and Methods
The course will broadly examine both theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of research conduction on indigenous issues. We will consider the range of all theoretical approaches, which scholars and also the community members rely on (at the present time and historically) when framing academic research papers. knowledge production contexts and in local/global community spaces of social change through indigenous activist. Our inquiry will be structured through three primary questions: first, in what ways do indigenous theories and methods form a distinct form of inquiry – what makes these approaches different and how/where/in what contexts are they similar or drawing from similar roots? Second, what knowledge do these forms of theory and method produce, uncover, allow for? And, finally, in what ways are the knowledge’s produced different (are these results necessarily “better”) than when other qualitative and quantitative methods are utilized?
Our Best research writers  will include principles and approaches found in decolonizing methodologies, anti-oppressive research strategies, and community-based participatory/action research. Research ethics, issues of intellectual property and the care, curation and “ownership” of knowledge and one’s research results, will be key strands of concern that weave throughout our inquiry. We will divide the course into two segments: in the first segment we will delve deeply into the literature on indigenous method and theory, moving between applied examples and meta-discussion of theoretical frameworks and specific methodologies; in the second segment of the course we will workshop specific methods and discuss how class participants might utilize the methods in their own research


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