Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Subject or discipline: Cultural and Ethnic Studies
Title: Writer’s choice
Number of sources: 0
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 4
Spacing: Double spaced
Paper details:
The goal of the final paper is to help students reflect on all that was discussed in the course, along with what was learned by successfully completing the homework assignments. Specifically, the 4-page (minimum) paper should synthesize all of the following as it relates specifically to the host country you will be traveling to for your internship or study abroad. If you are not going abroad, the paper should include the following bullet points and focus on a country or culture of particular interest to you. If you have selected a county or culture of particular interest, please define in your paper why it was selected.

What you learned about yourself as a participant in the Cultural Plunge that can be applied to your internship or study abroad;
What you learned about collectivism and individualism pertaining to you own culture and to your upcoming host culture;
What you learned about cross-cultural communication;
What you learned specifically about your host country/culture through homework assignments;
What you learned about cultural competencies

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