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Prompt: Develop a business network design plan that incorporates the business requirements, applications, users groups, and data flows. Implement the results
into the network design and complete the architecture.
Refer to the Module Two Assignment Lab Visio document to complete this assignment.
Your assignment will be to draft a network upgrade and maintenance plan that includes at minimum, the following critical elements:
A. Interview Process: Based on the OilMan Inc. scenario laid out in this exercise, determine the function of the business, its roles and responsibilities, the
layout of the organization, and the future goals that the organization wants to achieve. Document your findings and begin to organize your thoughts
around the business functionality. Make sure to utilize Microsoft Visio in this portion as you begin to lay out the design solution for OilMan Inc.
B. Application Identification: As you continue through this exercise and complete your initial interview with Oilman Inc., begin to identify the key
applications within the business and the impact on the network and begin the initial prioritization of each application in order of importance to the
revenue of the organization. Document the gathered information and start to think through how you would classify and organize the applications and
services need by the organization. Continue to build on Microsoft Visio layout from the previous section.
C. User Group Requirements: Next, use your time with the user groups to understand what their specific needs are to complete the job. This consists of
application use, time of day, delays, and failures of any network service they encounter on a daily basis. Develop a plan for the current concerns and
future requirements that users and management want to achieve in this scenario. Develop a requirements document that relates to the findings that
you have gathered in your analysis.
D. Data Flows: Once the information is gathered from the interview process, application identification, and user group requirements, it is time to
understand the logical flow of the data that is represented in the applications used and how they are accessed on a daily basis. Determine how the
services and applications are utilizing the network and where they are most utilized across the organization.It is important in this part of the exercise to begin the process of putting together a visual understanding of OilMan Inc., data flows, and what, where,
and how they are used. Continue to document these flows so that you can place them in your final architecture design.
E. Final Overall Architecture Plan: Now that all of the dependent information from the OilMan Inc. scenario has been captured, analyzed, and organized, it
is time to put this network design into a visual representation with the following requirements:
 Network Equipment Location: Place the necessary equipment in a logical diagram
 Application Flow: Show the flow of data within the logical diagram
 Bandwidth Recommendation: State your recommended bandwidths in the logical diagram
 Data Flow Usage: Calculate the defined data usage numbers and represent them within the diagram
 User Requirements: State all the needed user requirements in the analysis document

Overview: Develop a business network design plan that incorporates the business requirements, applications, users groups, and data flows. Implement the
results into the network design and complete the architecture. This assignment utilizes Microsoft Visio to complete the scenario.
In this scenario, you are a network consultant for OilMan Inc., a medium-sized oil and gas company whose sole business focus is exploration and drilling of oil
within the continental United States. You have been brought in to evaluate the existing infrastructure and determine the future network infrastructure for the
entire company. They have not updated their network infrastructure in ten years and management is predicting a 15% growth internally (employee growth) as
well as externally (site creation for drilling) in the industry. You have been tasked with evaluating the current network infrastructure and establishing an
understanding of what services (applications) are being utilized, who the users or groups are within the business, and where this infrastructure is being utilized.
OilMan Inc., is a medium-sized company in the oil and gas industry with four major office locations:
 Ft. Worth (Headquarters: 100 people)
2,000 square feet per datacenter facility
 Denver (West Division: 75 people)
400 square feet per datacenter facility
 Pittsburgh (East Division: 75 people)
400 square feet per datacenter facility
 Houston (South Division: 50 people)
1,200 square feet per datacenter facility
The headquarters encompasses all the company executives, human resources, training, accounting, and engineering/construction departments. The Ft. Worth
location is the primary facility for all communications for the rest of the company. It maintains the server farm for all critical business applications such as email,
SharePoint, IP telephony system, and geographic information system (GIS).
The Denver office maintains all legal, finance, and IT department personnel, as well as personnel related to the drilling department in the West region.
The Pittsburgh office consists of the engineering/construction department, IT personnel, legal, and personnel related to the drilling department in the East
The Houston office consists of the engineering department, IT personnel, human resources, safety, and is the disaster recovery location for the entire company.
The network infrastructure and environment is using legacy equipment that is slow and outdated. Each office has a 10-base local area network (LAN) with three
24-port daisy chained hubs that are then connected to an external facing router. The company has wide area network (WAN) connectivity among all four offices
in a ring topology using bonded 4 x T1 lines for a total bandwidth of 6 Mbps between each site.
The datacenter for the organization is located in the Ft. Worth office. The East and West offices must maintain their data replication and backups to the Ft.
Worth office and provide a secondary copy for disaster recovery in the Houston location. The data totals have been growing by 10% each year and will continue
this growth for the next three years.
Internet access has been provided in the Ft. Worth (10 Mbps Ethernet) location for primary surfing and the Houston office (5 Mbps Ethernet) is the primary for
that office and backup for all three remaining locations. The internet connection consists of a single 128 Kbps ISDN line.
All locations have video conference units that are able to communicate internally and externally.

I will attach the diagram

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