Hammeron, Accounting;

Academic level: Master’s
Subject or discipline: Accounting
Title: hammeron
Number of sources: 7
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: Other: harvard citation
# of pages: 2
Spacing: Single spaced
# of words: 1100
Paper details:
this paper has three tasks, now i am working with task one
I chose Hammerson company ( http://www.hammerson.com )

” Hammerson is FTSE 100 owner, manager and developer of retail destinations in UK and Europe”.

everything will be attach so u can look at the big picture, However, i am only doing task one right now. also i am going to attach the checklist so you can know what the professor is going to look at.

the question bellow should be answered in my essay
Assessment Criteria
Task 1: information audit
As part of this task you must provide the following:
• A brief overview of the company background, structure, products
* what the company does?
* what the industry sector it is in?
* what kind of structure it got?
^is it based in uk?
^ where it has a location around the world? if it does how big is it?
* how many employees does it has?
* what does it sell?
* what it is product?
*what it serve?

• A rationale for why you have chosen the company and who you perceive the two main competitors of the company are;
* look at the sector (london stock exchange)
* who is the competitor usually it is in the same sector?
* who do you thing would the best competitor for your work?

• The availability and reliability of the information that is publicly available that you can use to perform your analysis.
* look for data i mean
* look at their website
* look for other information for this company
* make sure that you think their is enough information available to continue this project

Task Word Limit
1. Perform an information audit of your chosen company. 1,000 words
Note this paper should be 900 to 100 word so please do not wire more than that.
i do not have a specific number of source. so be flexible with that

Checklist for task 1

Key element Achieved (/X) Comment
          Company Audit


Background  of company


Company Structure Outlined


Competitors are identified and discussed  Introduction    
Company has been researched for adequate information to complete tasks and reported    



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