Flyback transformer (Three outputs)


Flyback transformer (Three outputs)


Line output convertor that can be used for power supply, the current generation. Flyback Converter also like other transformers with unique features and applications on a large scale. In general, it creates flyback transformer voltage in different bands. The main purpose of using the flyback transformer flyback transformer work with Switched currents at higher frequencies. Comparable to other convertors, you can flyback transformer capable of transmitted energy is stored for a long period of time switch.

The unique feature of flyback converter is not only the energy transfer, but also stored for a long period until they are switched. Feature that we get from the use of flyback transformer is compared to this very flyback transformer smaller and lighter for other convertors. Flyback Converter also provides the safe side, which helps to stop the operation and prevent the accident from electrical transformers. Direct current derived from the flyback transformer, as well as the current variant of the flyback transformer which is converted to direct current using high voltage is stored by the flyback transformer.

Flyback converters are manufactured by the manufacturer for the power convertor, and are manufactured in a large number. Flyback transformer bring good demand among users and sold in the market to look at a reasonable price. The main purpose of the introduction of flyback transformer to meet user requirements and it is designed and produced in such a way that users get more convictions. At present, a large number of the manufacturer began producing power convertor for the flyback transformer for current supply easily, and also the transportation and storage of these. Flyback transformer serves the purpose, it works in a wide range of voltage and current to provide supplies more often.

Generally, you do not get on the flyback transformer failure, but in some cases may be a transformer failure. Like the other convertors, such as the AC convertor, power convertor, electrical transformer, inductor, transformer isolated flyback converter is also one of the transformers which form part with other convertors. Flyback Converter provides excellent current supply to users, and they also store power transmission significantly until they are interchangeable. In general flyback provides more useful for flyback converter. Flyback converters are available to users at competitive and affordable prices, and the money spent on the flyback transformer will not become waste.

Flyback provides more uses for customer’s convertor and under high voltage, working flyback converter efficiency and effectiveness. Flyback Converter provides frequent user supplies the current and converts the current view, and also stores the current supply with it until it is switching converter. Flyback converter convertor is said to be ideal and it generates high voltage and currents alternate. Flyback converters meet the users’ requirements and meet them.



1)  Read and check paper how can to build up the convertor and get three outputs.

2) Try to connect the tutorial class with the lab class work.

3) Check in website and see many examples.

4) I choose to build up the circuit with three IC and when meet the teacher, yes you can but you will face many problems when fix it.

5) I change my idea and think how can get three output from one circuit.

6) I decide go through the flyback convertor because from this can redesign the circuit and get three outputs.

7) I was check through the website call liner technology and search the flyback convertor with specific standard.

8) I selected one IC (LT8301) and go through the data sheet to make sure can i redesign three outputs.

9) Selected this circuit and redesign, add more component and change ratio of the transformer.

10) Test the circuit in the different voltage input to check the output voltage.

11) When i fix the final circuit and check the simulation to get three outputs as require.

12) Check the electronic component in the website with the pries.

13) Request the electronic component form the farnall.

14) Build up the transformer and the inductors.


15) Test the transformer, this step it is very important to make sure it is working or not before connected with another component.


Description of the IC LT8301:


  • 7V to 42V Input Voltage Range.
  • No Transformer Third Winding.


Flyback circuit:







In ON state, the voltage across the switch drop to zero and the current will flow and linearly increase in the primary winding transformer, the energy will store in the in magnetizing inductor and the diode will off, the current flow the capacitor and resistor load.

In OFF state, the energy in the magnetizing inductor will transfer in the secondary, the voltage will reveries, the diode on and the energy will transfer to capacitance and load.

Frequency Flyback Modes of Operation DCM vs CCM:

In DCM, all the energy stored in the core is delivered to the secondary during the turn off phase (Flyback period), and the primary current falls back to zero before the Q1 switch turns on again. For CCM, the energy stored in the transformer is not completely transferred to the secondary that is, the Flyback current does not reach zero before the next switching cycle. Figure 2 shows the difference between DCM and DCM mode in terms of Flyback primary and secondary current.



Highlights the main points of advantage for either DCM or CCM mode operation. DCM operation requires a higher peak current to deliver the required output power compared to CCM operation. This translates to a higher RMS current rating on the primary MOSFET and output capacitor, and greater conduction losses in the transformer windings. When these higher peak and RMS current limits the fulfilment of design requirements, switching to CCM mode is advised.



Circuit Design:




Electronic component:


Power supply:


When the voltage up to run the oscillator circuit electrical works to generate a pulse this pulse emerging from the circle oscillator electrophoresis to transistor electrolysis catalyst that works to enlarge the electrical pulse and maintain them from fading or change and enlarge it sufficiently and sends it to the transistor electrical power base is run circuit (regulator voltage), and at the same time have arrived in transistor capability compound (voltage regulator) electric upcoming effort came uniformity circle electrophoresis through intensive large chemical used to soften the constant voltage this voltage across the primary coil of the transformer for up to transistor voltage regulator complex where he works transistor electric power (voltage regulator) to integrate the pulse of electrical connecting him through the transistor motif with large voltage output of standardization phase electric and turn it into a fixed oscillator stream in intensity and direction so that is not affected by any change produced or caused by a change in the source of power during operation of the

screen does not cause burning screen circles as a result of this change is to occur, then the electrical current moves the oscillator through You this voltage oscillator through file Converter this voltage oscillator turns inside cost files to result in a number of different efforts came file Converter This is a unified position on the left of each file from file Converter to unify the voltage and convert it from AC voltage variable to the continuous and constant in intensity and direction effort and here result came out , convertor – any organization voltage circuit power supply a number of different efforts which are used in feed and run circles basic consequent run the rest of the screen circles

Efforts came department.





Electric converter (Transformer) device in electrical engineering, author of the authors of separate wires wrapped around the metal bars only simple distance, called the party associated with the birth of the electric primary file while called pregnancy-related secondary coil party, and the converter is used to change the value of the voltage in the transmission system electrical energy that runs on AC power where it can not be convertor works in DC power systems. If the secondary party effort less than a primary effort was converted lowering of the effort if the secondary voltage higher than the primary effort was converted raising effort.

Flyback transformers and transformer is acting as an inductor with a couple of laps, and thus. It can also serve as a symbol inductor coupled with the known length current waveform. Wrap the present in which while being a switch, and the second includes the current filter while the diode is going on. Although the two windings interaction device and depicts the same symbol transformers, a more descriptive name of this magnetic element is the inductor .The primary difference between the converters and flyback transformers is that the currents in the flyback transformer does not flow at one time in each of the transformer windings as in usual. The purpose of these flyback transformers for energy storage in the intervening  period to switch conduction injection to production during the period of the diode conduction.


Operation :


Connects party’s primary source of AC and connects the secondary coil of consumer pregnancy Electric Power When the closure of the secondary coil circuit, the current flowing in the primary coil magnetically alternating happening in the heart Iron born every roll of both files s d as one to induce If the number in the primary coil and one of the windings in the secondary coil number and 2 windings of the Emf influential force in both files to be proportional to the number of laps in them.

When opening the secondary coil circuit, the primary coil current is almost non-existent as the self-inductance of the primary file works to generate a stream Reverse is almost equal and opposite to the original stream Vin current in the primary and Energy aseptic work of the transformer idling consumption happens.

We conclude from this that during the aseptic work of the transformer on the voltage proportional to the two files directly proportional to the number of laps two files.

When the closure of the secondary coil circuit (connected to download TV equipped, for example, the convertor), the secondary coil current generates a magnetic field in the Iron heart, heading in an iceberg View Elementary and the weakening flux in the heart minimize the driving force of the electrical influential in the primary coil therefore growing trend in which the value T 1 and in which the magnetic , compensation for the corresponding flux secondary file remains flux output than that of the heart as it was.




Purpose of transformer:


  • Raising or lowering the driving force of the electrical hesitant.
  • The transfer of electrical energy generated from places to places of consumption.


The efficiency of the converter:


It is the ratio of the electric power in the secondary coil to the electrical energy in the primary or the file is the ratio between the secondary coil’s ability and the ability of primary coil Use the converter in the transfer of electrical power.

Can not achieve efficient use of electric power, but by moving long distances with minimal loss and need for this energy transfer under very high effort where there crane convertors at the places of power generation and movement of energy through the wire and towers wind to places of consumption where there are convertors to reduce the driving force Transport efficiency is the ratio of the electric power of up to places of consumption and the resulting electrical energy.


Electrical resistance:


Resistance used to control currant in the electric circuit when connected in parell with the source. The resistance relation with the current, if the resistance increase the current will decries also if the resistance decrease the currant will increase.


The capacitor:


Condenser consists of two sheets of insulating material and determines the type of intensive as insulating material.

Know intense ability to store electric charge capacitive or electrical capacitance measurement unit farad.




Induction files files are one of the elements frequently used in electronic circuits, they also have numerous applications in a strong electrical field.

Figure shows the shapes and symbols for various types of fixed-induction files; In the figure we see the heart of the antenna file is several rolls of thick wire wrapped without the structure of the holder of the wire, and such files have a very small urged, used in high-frequency circuits.




The grounding circuit different devices to reduce the high voltage output of the effect of touch circles with the highest effort. Grounding is also used to maintain a constant voltage during normal operation.


Schottky diode:


Achieves swapped quickly and according to her house, where the interface is replaced to Schottky diode. Since the cargo stored in it too, only a small element of this will make the resistance very quickly with compeer link with the P-N. The interface to the power of the biggest power schottky stream of high leakage limiting the face value of the effort (Voltage blocking).







Refer the figure simulation as you see there are three output and the voltage 30V, the first one is 5v, seconded one is 12v and the third one 30v.




ON transistor in a position generates a current in the same direction in the secondary coil and is in contrast to bidirectional Calendar D1 and all the energy is stored in the heart convertor (magnetization) notes that the amount of this magnetization depends on the current flow in the primary coil and a proportional time.




When separate transistors OFF starts the heart unloading magnetic its charge, causing the stream passage in both primary and secondary files .The primary stream is not consumed because of his presence in the reverse connected but is added Hbut is a positive potential on the condenser C1 is a negative for him and the ship condenser C2 and this shipment equal to rebound effort plus effort on the condenser C1.


The power generated in the secondary coil is Amper through bilateral D1 and then stored condenser C3 which is commensurate with the value of the frequency and inversely proportional to the amount of energy is learned by extrusive designs.









Test transformer:







Test circuit:








































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