Interview experience/transcript

Subject or discipline: Education
Title: Interview experience/transcript
Number of sources: 0
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: APA
# of pages: 5
Spacing: Single spaced
# of words: 2750
1. Introduction 1/2 page -discuss interview preparation, choice of participant
2. Perform a 20 minutes semi-structured interview with a teacher and ask these 5 questions and audio record the interview:
a)what real-time assessment tools/practices do you incirporste in your classroom?
b)which type summative or formative assessment is the best in judging students mastery of topic?
c) In what way do you believe privacy laws and practices hinder development of real-time assessment tools in software such as Pepper, Google+, forum ?
d)how does open real-time affect online group discussion and knowledge building?
e) How does real-time assessment affect knowledge Building in flipped classroom?
3. Transcribe this interview data, leaving 2 inch on the rightside and in this side do the initial coding
4. Conclusion 1/2 page comment your feelings on this field excercise

Use one of the format discuss in these article to do the initial coding
Coffey &Atkinson “concepts and coding”, pg 26-53
Saldana “writing analytic memo”, pg 32-44
Denzin “the art of politics of interpretation”, pg 447-472




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