Topic;  Programming in detention facilities

Read carefully and understand the instructions below



Spacing: Double-spaced (except indent quotations of more than 40 words) and left justified throughout


Font: 12 point, no bold font (except specific headings)


Margins: 1” all around


Paragraphs:  Indent ½ inch (5-7 spaces) with TAB key


Page number: Number pages consecutively, including title page- center on bottom of page


Name:  Name should be on bottom left hand side of each page


Grammar and spelling: Correct grammar and spelling are required. Make sure to use spell check and grammar check.  Have another person proof read the paper before you turn it in. Remember papers are not to be written in the first person and slang is not acceptable unless it is part of a quotation.


Sources:  You must have at least FIVE (5) reliable sources.  Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Websites such as Answers.com are not acceptable sources for college research paper.  If you have a question on the reliability of your source, contact me or the reference librarian at the library. At least THREE (3) of the sources must be an article from a peer reviewed journal.  If you have a question on this, contact me or a reference librarian.


Contents of paper:  each paper must contain the following:







Title page: Title of paper, student name, course, name of college, centered on the page


Introduction: The INTRODUCTION should be titled and the title should be centered.

It should be one – two paragraphs. The introduction should generally tell the reader what you are writing about; why this is an important issue in the field of juvenile justice; how your paper will be organized and what types of research you used in writing your paper.


Body of paper: This is the “meat and potatoes” of the paper.  I like to organize a paper by sections; however this is optional.


In Text citations: In text citations are to be used for all quotations and for all information that is not common knowledge or opinion.


In Text citation format: If you are not using a direct quote include the author’s last name and the year. Example: (Spivack, 2011).  End the punctuation of the sentence after the citation.


In Text citation format (direct quote):  Page number must be included use “p.” if the quote is on one page and “pp.” if it is on more than one page. End the punctuation of the sentence after the citation.


Quotations:  If the quotation is less than 40 words, use quotation marks. If it is more than 40 words, it should be single spaced and blocked and no quotation marks should be used.


Numbers: Numbers 1-9 are written as words; 10 and above are written as numerals (does not apply to in-text citations or reference page).


Conclusion: The conclusion should consist of one – two paragraphs. It should be labeled with a separate heading, but not on a separate page.  It should summarize your findings and make suggestions for the future.


References or Works Cited: This is a separate page.  The title should be centered above the list of sources.  This page should include all of your sources cited in the paper. All sources cited within the text are listed on the reference page and all sources listed on the reference page are cited within the text.


Reference or Works Cited page entries: Double-spaced throughout, in alphabetical order according to the first word.


Reference or Works Cited page entries: Use hanging indentation for the second and subsequent lines of each entry.


Reference or Works Cited: Use APA or ASA format




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