ARF 370, Family genealogy

Number of source: 1

paper format: APA

Number of page: 8

  1. The paper/  project, generated from student interest, will vary in content depending on the unique family history of each student.  Thus, liberal latitude will be given in terms of how much material is covered from information outlined in the handouts (e.g., Family History  Recovery, Socio-Economic & Political Context, Family Events Context, Guidelines for Interviewing).

At minimum however, your family genealogy must be placed within the context of social, cultural, political history, as well as, attention given to the applicable theoretical concepts discussed in class.  Thoughtfully, think about how external factors influenced internal family structure (e.g., review articles by Nakayama, Tanno, Gangetena, etc.). Beyond the minimum, cover as many of the topics in the “Guidelines for interviewing,” as possible.

  1. See “Family Development Theory” chapter reading in theory textbook,  use Questions 2 & 4to keep in mind  as additional referent points as you write your individual projects.
  1. Include photos of artifacts, newspaper articles, etc.  as possible to enrich your report
  1. In the paper summary describe what you learned about your genealogy that you did not know previously.

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