Composition: one or more places in nature

Subject or discipline: Composition
Title: one or more places in nature
Number of sources: 0
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 10
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 2750
Paper details:
Comments from Support Team: Discipline: Journal

Assignment: Submit a journal, consisting of a minimum of 14 days/entries, of your own reflections/observations about one or more places in nature. In your journal, you can choose to write about any outdoor natural area: your yard, a park, the woods, the prairie, a farm, a lake, etc. You can focus all of your entries on one place (the transformation of a place from winter to spring could make for interesting reflections/observations), or you can write about many places. You can write about 14 (or more) consecutive days, or the 14 days (or more) may be scattered throughout the semester. You are also encouraged to make references to the assigned readings (ie. comparisons and/or contrasts with your own observations/reflections and observations/reflections from the authors assigned this semester). Feel free to add photos, poems, sketches, art etc. to your journal as well, though you still need to include a minimum of 14 pages of writing; in other words, you cannot submit 8 pages of writing and 6 pages of photos.

Your essay should include the following:

14 entries, each entry consisting of a minimum of 1 page of writing for a total of 14 pages (or more) of writing.

Your entries should be current, about natural places you visit during the current semester. In other words, your entries should not be based on recollections of places that you have visited in the past.

Each entry should include the date and place.

In each entry, describe, observe, and reflect on the natural scene that you are writing about.

References (quoted or paraphrased) to the readings assigned this semester. These references can be as specific as a quotation or more general like the following: The woodchuck made me chuckle as I thought about Thoreau stating that he wanted to eat one raw.

Optional: photos, sketches, art, poems, maps, etc. Note that you still need to include a minimum of 14 pages of writing (1 page for each entry).

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