ENGR 1257 Laboratory

ENGR 1257 Laboratory

Week of May 9, 2016

Wedge Lab Exercise


Preparation for the lab activity.  Please read the file Wedge_Exercise.pdf and the file rethink_Wedges.pdf that are provided on Canvas>Assignments>Labs>Wedges prior to coming to Lab.  You will find it useful to have a computer capable of working with a PowerPoint file.  It is suggested that you work in groups of 3 or 4 students.  The exercise consists of two parts:

1)  Each group will prepare a solution to the CMI Wedge Game.  A solution will have the following characteristics:

  1. A solution consists of 8 wedges as described in pages 3-8 of the file Wedge_Exercise.pdf. The 8 wedges will permit the world to avoid emissions of 8 billion tons of carbon emissions by 2060.  (1 ton of carbon emissions =  3.6 tons of CO2 emissions.)  The choice of wedges will be accompanied by a discussion of the challenges posed by each wedge.
  2. The chosen wedges must be internally consistent. You cannot extract more carbon from a sector (heat, transport, electricity) than the sector contributes to emissions.
  3. The overall strategy should be appealing to the stakeholders: Taxpayers/consumers, energy companies, environmental groups, manufacturers, governments of industrialized countries, governments of developing countries.

2) The last two slides of your presentation will consist of additions to your Wedge Solution that take into account information in the Rethinking Wedges paper and a justification for the number of additional wedges you added.


Your group will develop its solution as a power point presentation and turn it in to Canvas via file upload one week after your lab session.  A template for the presentation is provided on Canvas.  Your TA will present an introduction to the exercise at the beginning of your lab period for the week of May 19.



1) A maximum of 6 points will be awarded to the group members.  Group members are expected to contribute to the development of the solution and its presentation.

Description of solution and its challenges: 2 pts

Consistency of the solution and Stakeholder Appeal: 3 pts

Response to Wedges Reconsidered (last 2 slides): 1 pt

2) Grading criteria.  There are a large number of right answers for each part of this exercise.  For an answer to number 2 to be right, it must address challenges, be internally consistent and appeal to stakeholders.  For the answer to number 3 to be right, it must address issues raised in the paper. A range of answers can be justified.


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