ADVC1021;Kodak Galleries Case Study

ADVC1021: Kodak Galleries Case Study

ASSIGNMENT #3:  Kodak Galleries Case Study

Instructions: Please read the case on page 131-132 of your text and answer the four questions listed below – note that these are not exactly the same as the end of your case. Provide detailed answers, including justification for your decisions from Chapter 6 and 8 (about a paragraph for each, not one-sentence answers) for full credit.


  1. What theme would you suggest for this campaign? Please provide a theme name and a justification for why this is a good fit for Kodak’s objectives.


  1. How could the objectives be made stronger and easier to evaluate? Rewrite each objective using the MBO approach from the chapter (p. 124 and 128.)


  1. What strategies did they use? (Be sure to first read and understand the difference between a strategy and a tactic, as explained in Chapter 6.)


  1. From the public relations theories in Chapter 3, which one is the best fit to this campaign? Suggest a different theory, and how the execution might change if guided by a different theory.


  1. Given the social media options available today, what additional strategies would you have suggested? Additional tactics? (Be creative, and explain your ideas in detail for full credit.)


All assignments must be typed, proofed, cited and follow MLA Guidelines.  Grading policy: 50% content, 50% writing style (proper use of grammar, and straight-forward language required – avoid hyperbole, cliché and trite or conversational expressions.)




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