acc265: Information Technology

acc265: Information Technology

For hard drives, reliability is measured as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).  Many manufacturers use the MTBF to represent the “life span” of their hard drives.

Please answer ALL of the questions below in your paper:

  • Please define MTBF and how it differs from Mean Time To Failure (MTTF).
  • What is the MTBF of a SATA drive?
  • What is the MTBF of a SSD drive?
  • Why would a drive with an  MTBF  of 1.2 million hours suddenly crash after 15 days of operation?
  • What could be some legitimate reasons?
  • What fault tolerance drive technology could be used to recover from hard drive failures?  (HINT: include LEVEL #).
  • In your opinion–why would knowing the MTBF be important to a forensic examiner?

For ideas or additional information—you can go to the Western Digital (hard drive manufacturer’s) website ( and search for drive specifications.


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