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Health information standards

Health information standards

Read the case study and write a short paper answering the provided questions. Use your textbook and other resources to support your opinion. Submit your completed paper below.
What health information standards will you want to become familiar with in order to understand information management needs for the future for these facilities? (A place to start is page 204 of your textbook for standards to consider.)

What knowledge, skills, and competencies might the HIM professionals in your organizations require to assist the clinical staff in these facilities with health record management and completion of the data set? Explain. (A place to start is page 110 of your textbook for ideas and examples.)
Standards development is an ongoing, fluid process that relies on consensus-building negotiation among many public and private organizations. Standards are frequently modified, and new standards are developed. What are some techniques that the HIM professional uses to stay current about changes in the standards that apply to the services offered by the integrated delivery system (IDS) organization? Explain. (A place to start would be to track down a full set of standards from a specific organization and consider how you would know whether these standards changed. Pages 209 and 210 have a table of organizations that create standards for the health information industry.)

Presentation Development

Presentation Development
Be sure to read the presentation rubric to see how your presentation will be graded.

After you have chosen your form of motorsport, you need to create a power point presentation regarding your chosen form of motorsports.

The power point presentation MUST have a voice over so that we may hear your presentation.
The Lecture presentations can be used as a guide as they are done by previous students.
Note that adding your talking points or speech to the notes section of PowerPoint will help both you and the audience as you present.
Your PowerPoint should open and begin with one click.
Your PowerPoint slides should advance automatically as you discuss the slide.
Remember, a PowerPoint slide is a visual aid and is NOT the place to display every word you say.
Your presentation and audio should be enthusiastic and interesting.
You should include:

the beginning of the sport
major highlights to date
some of the rules
the type of participants
the current state of the sport
the type of people that watch the sport
important social and economic impact factors (why is the sport important to the local economy and or what social impact is there)
other pertinent factors that make the presentation interesting
The presentation should be LESS THAN 20 minutes in length. Target 15 minutes… Less than 10 minutes is not good… More than 20 minutes is NOT an “overachiever.”

Posting a presentation topic will get you up to 10 points. The presentation itself is worth 100 points.


Augustine’s conception of a just war

Augustine’s conception of a just war

Use the book the ethics of war, Reichberg, syse, begby, 2006
to answer this question
*Discuss (define) Augustine’s conception of a just war, focusing on “right conduct”.
(Augustine, 7)

English 202 Essay 1: Critical Analysis of a Short Story

English 202

Essay 1: Critical Analysis of a Short Story

Worth: 100 points

Due Date: Friday, July 1, 2016

Steps to Follow:

  1. Read Chapter 40 in your textbook “Writing About a Story” pages 1315-1337, including the sample student essays which provide examples of the various ways to approach this type of essay: Explication, Analysis, Comparison/contrast, and Response paper.

This reading will give you important background information on how to begin and write these types of essays.

  1. See pages 1338: TOPICS FOR WRITING MORE EXTENDED PAPERS (600-1000 WORDS). Choose one of the topics from #’s 1-6 for doing your essay.
  1. Choose a short story (or short stories) from those found in Chapter 11: Stories for Further Reading in your Literature textbook, pages 338-445.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • You must type this essay in MLA format, which means including a Works Cited page that correctly lists the story/stories you refer to in your writing.
    • See Rules for Writers textbook MLA section and MLA Info tab on the main menu of the Blackboard site for this course for more on this.
    • In the 8th edition of Rules for Writers, there is general information on how to do a Works Cited page on p. 470-471.
    • In the 8th edition of Rules for Writers, see p. 491, #35 for how to list one selection from an anthology or a collection.
    • If you have another edition of Rules for Writers, these sections are in those editions too but you’ll have to see the index for page numbers.


  • Do NOT use outside sources for this analysis: I want to read what your analysis, interpretation, and thoughts are on this story, not what others have said.
  • Do not plagiarize. Here are ways to avoid plagiarism:
    • Do not look on the internet or elsewhere for what others have had to say about the story you chose as your focus for this essay. I know it is tempting—but Don’t Do It!
    • Have confidence in your ability to find meaning in the story, to express those thoughts in your own words, and to back up what you think. Focus on making a reasonable and logical argument for your interpretation.
    • Know the rules for MLA formatting an academic essay correctly.
    • Know the rules for MLA in-text citations including how to cite a direct quote, summary, or paraphrase of the story you are writing about.
  • If you are finding it difficult to come up with something to say about the story, then choose another story. Find one that is easy for you to understand, has a theme you can relate to, or one that you find memorable.

See the next page for how this essay will be Graded.

How this Essay will be evaluated:

Thesis:  all essays require a thesis.

  • Is your thesis clear?
  • Does it say something significant but not entirely obvious about the story?
Development & Support for the thesis and other major claims:

  • Does your evidence, examples, and explanations serve to advance the argument put forth in your thesis related to the topic you chose.
  • Is your argument clear and logical?

  • Does your paper have an interesting and compelling title?
  • Does your introduction draw the reader in? Does it prepare the reader for what is to come?
  • Does each paragraph contain a topic sentence and smooth transitions? Do transitional words and phrases help signal movement from one idea to the next?
  •  Is the conclusion effective?  Does the conclusion provide a sense of closure?
Use of Standard English:

  • How well did you edit and proofread this paper?
  • Are there spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure errors?
  • Are there errors in language use?
Following Directions:

  • Was the essay set up according to MLA rules & was a Works Cited page included and set up correctly? If not, this essay will not be graded until corrections are made.
  • Was a topic for doing this essay chosen from the list on p. 1338 of the Literature textbook?
  • Was an appropriate story (or stories) chosen from the Chpt. 11 of the Literature textbook as the focus for this essay?
  • Was this essay turned in by the due date?

PLAGIARISM:  If plagiarism is suspected, this paper will not be graded or scored until that issue is resolved.

Please Note: Your paper will receive “0” points if MLA formatting and citation is NOT done correctly because this is a form of plagiarism. Contact the instructor if you need help with this. You will be asked to revise with corrections and resubmit in order to earn points.

Approximate Grading Scale:

90-100 pts ~A      80-89 pts~B   70-79 pts~C  60-69 pts~D   Below 60~F


Political Risk Management: Module Assessment

Political Risk Management: Module Assessment

Depressed oil prices and the need to diversify the Saudi economy away from its reliance on oil, has culminated in the announcement by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it will sell a stake in Saudi Aramco. There has been much speculation about the structure of an IPO and the Kingdom has astounded markets by stating its intention to sell a 5% stake in the parent company, which controls exploration and production. Investment in Saudi Aramco is a unique opportunity but one that is beset by risks.

You are the Chief Risk Manager of a UK oil major that is considering taking a significant stake in the IPO. The CEO has asked you to write an initial political risk assessment of the proposed investment to present at the next company board meeting.

You have been asked to limit the assessment to 2,000 words and to analyse the range of political risk factors that could impact the investment. Market and credit risk factors will be addressed by your colleague in the credit team.

You must submit your report by  the morning of Friday 1st July to enable board members to read the document in advance of the board meeting.

More lecture slides can be accessed here -

Dietary Analysis Project-Part III

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Dietary Analysis Project-Part III


Please submit Part III of the Dietary Analysis Project: Correcting Menus and Reanalyzing here.

You should take time this week to review and compose Part III of the Dietary Analysis Project: Correcting Menus and Reanalyzing. This is will only be submitted for feedback purposes this week. to receive timely feedback from your instructor before the full Dietary Analysis Project is due in Week 6, it is recommended that you submit as early as possible.

Note: This may be submitted as a Word document if you have not yet started to combine this into a PowerPoint or other medium.

Note: If needed, please refer to the full project details in Week 3.

Correcting Menus and Reanalyzing

Food Plate
MyPlate comprises public domain material from the USDA.

Next you will be correcting the menu so that it will meet the recommendations. You will need to make changes to foods. At this time, if the original menu did not have 3 distinct meals and 2-3 distinct snacks, please work on setting up the corrected menu to meet these criteria. You want the corrected menu to meet with current nutrition recommendations for frequency of food consumption. It is not necessary that the corrected menu include items enjoyed by your subject or be realistic with respect to the preferences and lifestyle of your subject. It is more important that you can demonstrate how to improve upon problem areas in a diet and identify foods that are higher or lower in certain nutrients.

Once you have corrected the menu with the changes you think will make this meet the guidelines for your person (based on their height, weight, age) you are ready to reanalyze. Make sure you are analyzing the intake for a new day and not averaging this with the original intake analyzed back in STEP 2.

If any nutrient is still not meeting needs, you will need to work on making corrections so that your menu meets the criteria listed before. If changes are made, you will need to run this information again. Look and see which nutrients are too high or too low. Think about which foods on the menu are contributing these nutrients and start with changes there.

Just a reminder, if you do need to make changes, a new profile does not need to be created. Just EDIT the information for the same day you already entered. This will save you a lot of time and will eliminate getting an average of the 2 menus.

To be considered a corrected menu, the following should be true:

Food Group Bar Graph
This image from Pixabay comprises public domain material.
•Daily Food Groups Report: Should read OK, acceptable to go over, as long as total calories for the day are +/- 100 calories from the target provided.
•Graph (Food Group bar graph): Should be at 100% (+/-10%) for all targets, acceptable to go over as long as total calories are +/- 100 calories for the day and there is balance between the overages (for example, 110% grains, 110% dairy, 120% vegetables versus 110% fruit, 350% protein, 200% dairy).
•For grains, at least 50% should be whole grains. Fruit juice should not be in excess.
•Daily Limit: Should be within +/- 100 calories of the target. Oil, fat and sodium should not exceed these limits. They may be over or at the limit, just not in excess.
•Nutrient Intake Report: Should show OK for all nutrients (although you may need to correct those to above or below for the sake of this project- see below). There are more nutrients than we are looking at listed on this report, so only focus on the nutrients we covered in class (calories, protein grams and %, carbohydrate grams and %, total fat and saturated fat, cholesterol, and all vitamin and minerals listed). At the end of these directions you will find a sample Nutrient Intake Report to show the highlighting for nutrients out of range. There are a few extras that we did not cover in class, so please do not worry about discussing those.
•Cholesterol must be < 300 and do not forget that carbohydrates should be greater than the RDA. That number for carbohydrates is only a minimum for brain function (along with prevention of ketosis). It is likely protein will be higher as well, but still needs to be within the AMDR range as part of those MyPyramid Recommendations.
•***IMPORTANT*** Make sure to assess the macronutrients using the percentages that are provided and comparing to the target ranges. These are the AMDRs.
•For micronutrients, also check to make sure nothing is greater than 200% of the target. It may say OK, but we still want to be careful not to go too far over each day. This means for the indicated micronutrients (highlighted on the sample below), calculate out the percentage. To do this, divide the actual intake by the target and multiple by 100. Type this percentage in to the Word version of the report next to the status (for example, OK 105%). This will make it easier for you to make comments on this for the final presentation. Only highlight those when greater than 200% or less than 80%.

*PLEASE NOTE: If the person you are creating a menu for has very high calorie needs, you will likely need to exceed 200% for many of the vitamins and minerals because you will need a higher amount of total food provided to meet the calorie needs. Just make sure that the macronutrients are still within range, even at the higher calorie level. If you have a menu where the calorie needs are 2800+ you will be graded based on 300% instead of 200% for the high end of the range. Please refer back to the Nutrient Intake Report.

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Outbreak of the Civil War in 1861

Subject or discipline: History
Title: Writer’s choice
Number of sources: 0
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 9
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 2475
Paper details:

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer all of the questions below. Answers are limited to three typed, double-spaced pages [12 point font] for each question.

The document you attach here labeled Final Exam should be 10 pages (1″ margins, 12point font, Times New Roman). Cut and Paste the Certificate of Authorship at the beginning of your exam (it will be page one.) Your answers will be pages 2-10.

Page 1 Title Page
Pages 2-4 Answer for question 1

Pages 5-7 Answer for question 2

Pages 8-10 Answer for question 3

designed to foster critical thinking on your part. Your analysis and examples from the textbook used for support should be the product of your careful thought and argument. Although you may consult your text as you are pondering these questions and formulating your answers, DO NOT quote the textbook. Work on the exam individually.

You are being graded on content, organization, grammar and spelling.

1). List and explain the five events that most contributed to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861. As an Historian, justify your selection with argument/analysis. [This is not an opinion question. Your answer will be judged on the quality of your supporting arguments.]
2). List and explain the three most significant social changes that took place in America from 1789 to 1861. As an Historian, justify your selection with argument/analysis. [This is not an opinion question. Your answer will be judged on the quality of your supporting arguments.]
3). The Constitution of 1789 does not contemplate the development of political parties. Nonetheless, they develop. Give two reasons why the development of political parties was good for America, and two reasons why the development of political parties was bad for America. Limit your answer to the period 1789 to 1861. As an Historian, justify your selection with argument/analysis. [This is not an opinion question. Your answer will be judged on the quality of your supporting arguments.]

Textbook: America:A Concise History Sixth Edition

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Management; genogram

Management; genogram

Chapter 2
1. Prepare a genogram for yourself beginning with one set of great-grandparents (maternal or paternal) and ending one generation after yours. Do not submit the actual genogram. Submit the number of relatives for each generation (do the best you can, if approximating note the approximation).

2. If this family were in control of a $500,000,000.00 company, describe how policies would help to ensure family control of this company. What specific items should be included in this policy to protect your assets/controlling interest and those of your children?

3. In the presence of greed, delinquent behavior, etc., how should these policies address non-compliant family members to protect the good of the whole and those who want to continue family control?

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Simulation Case Problem County Beverage Drive Thru

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Simulation Case Problem County Beverage Drive Thru


Please first read ch 12 simulation starting from page 548 on this website –>

ANE THEN, answer question 1, 2 and 3 on CASE PROBLEM 3 COUNTY BEVERAGE DRIVE THRU on page 595-597. Please include a report and an excel document on the simulation model.

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