Peer Critique – Final Report Draft: Proposal Peer review

Proposal Peer review

Peer Critique – Final Report Draft

Read each review question before beginning your critique.  After completing the critique, assign points for each category in the table provided.

Reviewer’s Name: _________________________________________

Title of Reviewed Proposal: __________________________________

  1. Briefly, summarize the main points of the design proposal (in your own words).
  1. Does the overall document demonstrate proper coherency/flow? Is the information easy to follow/understand? Mention specific document sections where coherency/flow is lacking.
  1. Look at the entire paper for organizational headings and evaluate the figures and tables.
    1. Do headings provide details about each section? Explain.
  1. Are the figures and tables easy to understand? Explain.
  1. Do the figures and tables help clarify and make the paper more concise? Explain.
  1. Reread the entire paper. Focus on the details, such as grammar, spelling, active verbs, sentence structure, vague words (or phrases), consistency, clarity, citations (in-text with footnotes or reference list), etc.
  2. Mark the actual paper.
  3. Make constructive suggestions for ways to improve the paper.
  4. Provide any additional concerns here:
  1. What are the most notable strengths of this document? What did the authors do well?
  1. List the two most important things the authors should do to improve this paper during revision. Be specific.


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