Political Risk Management: Module Assessment

Political Risk Management: Module Assessment

Depressed oil prices and the need to diversify the Saudi economy away from its reliance on oil, has culminated in the announcement by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that it will sell a stake in Saudi Aramco. There has been much speculation about the structure of an IPO and the Kingdom has astounded markets by stating its intention to sell a 5% stake in the parent company, which controls exploration and production. Investment in Saudi Aramco is a unique opportunity but one that is beset by risks.

You are the Chief Risk Manager of a UK oil major that is considering taking a significant stake in the IPO. The CEO has asked you to write an initial political risk assessment of the proposed investment to present at the next company board meeting.

You have been asked to limit the assessment to 2,000 words and to analyse the range of political risk factors that could impact the investment. Market and credit risk factors will be addressed by your colleague in the credit team.

You must submit your report by  the morning of Friday 1st July to enable board members to read the document in advance of the board meeting.

More lecture slides can be accessed here -https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kjk4ea5qaohdhoi/AAC1UOFtMPoAYzc9edPYD4lla?dl=0

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