Presentation Development

Presentation Development
Be sure to read the presentation rubric to see how your presentation will be graded.

After you have chosen your form of motorsport, you need to create a power point presentation regarding your chosen form of motorsports.

The power point presentation MUST have a voice over so that we may hear your presentation.
The Lecture presentations can be used as a guide as they are done by previous students.
Note that adding your talking points or speech to the notes section of PowerPoint will help both you and the audience as you present.
Your PowerPoint should open and begin with one click.
Your PowerPoint slides should advance automatically as you discuss the slide.
Remember, a PowerPoint slide is a visual aid and is NOT the place to display every word you say.
Your presentation and audio should be enthusiastic and interesting.
You should include:

the beginning of the sport
major highlights to date
some of the rules
the type of participants
the current state of the sport
the type of people that watch the sport
important social and economic impact factors (why is the sport important to the local economy and or what social impact is there)
other pertinent factors that make the presentation interesting
The presentation should be LESS THAN 20 minutes in length. Target 15 minutes… Less than 10 minutes is not good… More than 20 minutes is NOT an “overachiever.”

Posting a presentation topic will get you up to 10 points. The presentation itself is worth 100 points.


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