MSO4730 2015‐16 AY; Assignment 2: Module Report

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MSO4730 2015‐16 AY; Assignment 2: Module ReportPage 1
Assignment 2: Module Report

Coursework Produced by Androulla Michaeloudis (with minor adaptation)
Year: 2015-16
MSO4730 2015‐16 AY
Issue Date: 14 March 2016
The second assignment is a group assignment and carries 60% of the total assessment.
You need to form a group of 5 or 6 students. A group leader should be appointed by mutual consent.
Groups should meet frequently to discuss work in progress.
Additionally each group member should write an individual report reflecting on the assignment.
Each group is required to submit an group report together with the individual reports online via
Turnitin in the MSO4730 Unihub Learning Area not later than 2 May 2016.
‘Film 2011’ is a large corporation specialising in the entertainment industry. Recently a proposal has
been put forward to expand the business by building its own chain of cinemas UK wide…

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