Management Paper

Management Paper

Answer to the 3 questions is given below using this document and other one i given to you.

Strategic plans are the road map for an organisation and its employees. They incorporate the values, vision and mission of the organisation and detail the priorities, actions and resources required to achieve the organisation’s goals.

An organisation’s strategic plan reflects what the organisation sees as most critical to its success in the next three to five years such as:

  • increasing market share
  • increasing sales
  • increasing profit
  • reducing operating expenditure
  • expanding product offerings
  • becoming an employer of choice.

Achieving these goals often involves making some sort of change to the way in which the business operates.

An organisation’s strategic plan will often focus on addressing business problems that are affecting the profitability of the organisation such as:

  • downturn in market conditions
  • negative customer feedback
  • loss of market share
  • low employee engagement
  • high employee turnover
  • a company merger or acquisition
  • increased product range
  • rapid growth.

Whatever the situation, managers must be able to analyse an organisation’s strategic plan and identify the strategic changes required to achieve the organisation’s goals. This involves reviewing the strategic plan and identifying the goals of the plan.

At this stage you are not identifying all the things that need to change but what it is that the organisation wants to achieve. Essentially this is your ‘change goal’


Identify needs for strategic change;

Answer the questions below by reviewing a strategic plan: If you are currently employed, obtain a copy of your organisation’s strategic plan View the example of a strategic plan in Appendix 1.

Q1. What does the strategy tell you about what the organisation is trying to achieve?

Q2. What information does the strategy include regarding the actions it will take to achieve its goals?

Q3. What are three requirements for change that you believe the organisation will need to address to successfully implement the strategy? Why do you believe this change is required?

Change 1

Change 2

Change 3


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