FULL report- Chemistry

FULL report- Chemistry

Introduction:…the usual, clearly state the purpose first and then explain the chemistry involved … don’t copy the manual or just list calculations

Procedure: …the usual…full account of what you actually did in the lab in the order that you did it, written in past tense and paragraph format (i.e. full sentences) do not just copy the lab manual and change tense

– lab computer printout has absorbance data
-Also include a table of volumes of HNO3, NaSCN and Fe(NO3)3 actually used in the 5 solutions (Vi , Vf and Vused)

Calculations: (see p. 32 in manual)
-show one full set of calculations for one solution…remember to show equations used, labels, units and proper sig figs
– also show calculation of :
average Keq
average deviation (see p. 8 in manual)
% deviation (average deviation / average Keq) x 100

Discussion: – the usual…
– state the results
– compare to expected & comment
– sources of experimental error

Remember to arrange the sections in the order as listed above and attach the signed carbons to the back

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