Quantitative Methods Assignment

Subject Statistics
Topic Quantitative Methods Assignment

Paper details

(Please do NOT take this project unless you’re 100% sure that you’ll get at least B. It’s at a very difficult university, so in order to get B you’ll need to work really hard) Quantitative Methods Assignment The student is required to demonstrate the creativity to formulate a problem, the ability to collect information, to enter and edit it, to analyse it; and to write an effective and clear report. Ask yourself a question. The question must be relevant to the Quantitative Methods course. Collect all the relevant information, perform any relevant analysis, and then write a report on what you have done. I expect the report to contain between 2500 and 3000 words, although it is the quality rather than the length of the report that matters most. You may collect the data yourself. Alternatively, if appropriate, you may use official statistics. What you may not use is a standard data set from a textbook. Such an approach will not be well received. If you find it necessary to use a computer package such as SPSS, then I expect you to fully use it. Computing simple statistics by hand will not attract many marks. Above everything else, it is the originality and insight provided by the task that I will value: It is better to use simple statistics effectively than to reproduce some complex and standard material, which I could find in a textbook or a journal article. Plagiarism is taken very seriously. Submitting a piece of coursework you have already submitted for another course, perhaps at another university, is not acceptable. Some students decide to obtain some data, apply a particular formula, and report that the answer is 42 or some other meaningless number. Without a context, this is not a valuable exercise. Such studies invariably get bad marks. I value initiative and a demonstration of an inquisitive mind even more than technical ability. Attached file contains statistical problems studied in previous years.


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