Technical Writing

Technical Writing

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Major Technical Writing Assignment 2: Report

Your mission is to visit a local business – a chain store, mall store, or independent store – and take notes about a procedure you observe that you think needs improvement.  You will write from the perspective of a consultant sent in anonymously to observe and report things that should be changed.

Next, develop these notes into a short (one page) rough-draft summary of the problem to be fixed.  Try to think analytically (what are the features of the problem?) rather than narratively (first I saw this, then I saw that).

From that summary, construct a two- to three-page informative report in memo-shell format (see Holloway 113).  Use headings in the support section to divide the problem into its components.  Be sure to develop with detail your description of the problem’s different facets.

Your report should be addressed to a specific audience for the best focus: you are talking to upper-level company management or ownership about how to improve things on the ground.

Remember that your report should have a one-page message section stating that a problem exists.  The one- to two-page support section should summarize the problem feature-by-feature.  The one- to two-page recommendations section needs to recommend that the problem be fixed and offer suggestions for how it is to be fixed and the benefits that will accrue from accepting your position.

The entire report, including the rough-draft summary, should not exceed six pages.  No works cited page is necessary.





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