Logic & Reasoning Discussion

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We’re going to examine logic and reasoning together by way of a discussion forum. This will allow you to work through concepts together and get feedback from each other. After reading all of the directions and supporting files for discussions.

Answer the question one by one to answer and make logic and reasoning discussion. ( Use number to divide) Base your discussion off of the following prompts. It’s always easier to address each one separately, in its own thread.

1. Explain the problem in logic and reasoning with this statement: There is some clear evidence that people seek medical marijuana for recreational purposes. For example, in Denver they have a total of 279 medical marijuana dispensaries as of 2010, which is four times as many dispensaries than Starbucks.

2. Explain the problem in logic and reasoning with this statement: It appeared that no fewer than 1 out of 25 cannot read or write … just imagine, 1 out of 25 people in a country that sends helpers to developing countries in order to teach their folks reading and writing! 1 out of 25, which means 25% of our citizens.

3. Explain the problem in logic and reasoning with this statement: Of course this mode of government is the best. We have had this government for over 200 years and no one has talked about changing it in all that time. So, it has got to be good.

4. The following sentence comes from a CQ Researcher article titled “Whale Hunting: Should Whale and Dolphin Hunting be Outlawed?,” written by Daniel McGlynn and published on June 29, 2012. Practice thinking about numbers in more ways than one, to expand your critical thinking skills and practice good logic. To do this, paraphrase the sentence, including the numbers. And give feedback to each other:

“Of particular concern to the United States, Iceland harvested 125 endangered fin whales in 2009 and 148 in 2010, a significant increase from the total of seven fin whales it commercially harvested between 1987 and 2007.”

5. Put the following statistical information into a visual representation of the numbers (pie chart, table, graph, etc.). Be creative, but make sure it makes sense! The information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Median Weekly Earnings of Wage and Salary Workers by Educational Attainment — Third Quarter 2010 (July, August, September)

“Full-time workers age 25 and over without a high school diploma had median weekly earnings of $449, compared with $622 for high school graduates (no college), and $1,158 for those holding at least a bachelor’s degree.”

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