Sociology Discussion Paper

Sociology Discussion Paper

Write a 400 word response for the following topic and quote from the text(s) per instruction. Please pay attention for the following: Ø

This assignment is discussion so you do not have to follow any kind of writing format. Use free writing style. Ø

 Make sure to quote per writing guideline from the reading material uploaded for you. Please put the quotes appropriately such as “……” and page number example (p 52). Ø

 Since this assignment is discussion you may agree or disagree with the topic, please feel free to comment what you think related to the topic per writing guideline but your comments need to be respectful and professional.

 Ø All reading materials needed to this assignment will be uploaded for you. 

Ø The video link you need for this assignment:

Discussion Post: Intersection-WHA?:

In this module, we’re discussing the concept of intersectionality. The readings (and cartoons!) you’ve read for today are designed to get you thinking about what, in general, intersectionality is, and what it means for gender and for feminism.

This discussion is an opportunity for you to explore your ideas, express confusion, get some clarification, and maybe pose some questions about what the heck intersectionality means and why the heck it’s useful for feminism.

(Like: um, isn’t feminism about women? Why do we need to talk about race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender identity, sexuality, or disability?)

So, in at least 400 words, explore what you think intersectionality means, supporting your ideas with quotes from the readings, and if you’re confused about something, feel free to say so! Use this as an opportunity to try to understand better through discussion, and to ask questions. Tip: it’s always good to use direct quotes from the readings, but this is especially true if you’re struggling!




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