Assignment 1; traditional Torres Strait Islander customs

Assignment 1; traditional Torres Strait Islander customs

Description Word limit Wtg(%) Due date
Essay 1750 words 40% 28 July 2016

Please ensure that all referencing is compliant with Harvard AGPS style. We have had constant issues with the referencing. To fix the reference issue once and for all, these links will only take a few minutes:

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Assignment 1

Description Word limit Wtg(%) Due date
Essay 1750 words 40% 28 July  2016



Select and then compare and contrast three traditional Torres Strait Islander customs with three contemporary customs/practices. Include and discuss three examples of traditional customs and three examples of contemporary customs. Explain how the modern customs/practices evolved and the choices Torres Strait Islander people themselves had, if any, in the establishment of these contemporary practices.

Assignment 1 – Marking Sheet


Word limit: 1750 words
Please submit with Assignment 1.

Student name:___________________________ Student no.:_______________________

Item details Marker’s comments Marks
A.  Definition of the topic

1. The topic has been clearly defined and answered.

B.  Structure of the essay

2.  The introduction names the customs that have been selected, with clear statements of the issues to be raised in the essay.

3.  The essay has a clear structure or organisation in which the nature and evolution of three traditional Torres Strait Island customs and three contemporary practices are examined. The main points develop logically. The relevance of the material to the theme is clear.

4.  There is an effective conclusion which draws the main points together and which does not introduce any new material.

C.   Content

5.  There is evidence of adequate reading and research.

6.  The breadth of coverage is adequate.

7.  Three examples of both traditional customs and contemporary customs are included.

8.  The issues and ideas are analysed in sufficient depth.

9.  The ideas are clearly linked and integrated.

10.  The arguments/explanations are supported by evidence, examples, sources and apt, generally brief, quotations.

D.  Analysis

11.  The arguments/explanations are logical and consistent.

12.  The opinions are based on fact and/or logic.

13.  The essay shows evidence of original thought.

E.  Presentation

14.  Assignment Cover Sheet and Marking Criteria Sheet are included.

15.  Fluency and style of writing.

16.  Spelling, grammar and paragraphing.

17.  Neatness and legibility.

F.  Sources

18.  All sources acknowledged and references cited correctly, using the APA system or Harvard system of referencing.

Total   /40


Marker: …………………………………………………………….. Date: ……………………………………

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