Assignment 2 – Marketing Audit – 3000 words

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Assignment 2 – Marketing Audit – 3000 words

Due by 26 August 2016

Maximum grade 100

Weighting 40%


Your first assessment task asked you to reflect on and write about the concept of the value proposition and exchange.  This assignment now asks you to build on this by conducting a marketing audit and then from that information develop a marketing plan – assignment


Unlike the first assessment which was an individual marketing reflection, the first and second assignments can be conducted individually or in groups. Once you make your decision to be in a group you cannot change groups or opt out of the group. We ask that each group provide a group contract signed by each member and each group nominate a person who’s responsibility is to submit the assignment on behalf of the group. This information must be provided to the Course Examiner ASAP or by 9th August 2016. Information about the group contract will be available on Study Desk. if you are working as an individual you are not required to nominate this to the Course Examiner. Nomination is required for those students choosing to work in groups. The preference is for those of you working in groups for the group number to be three (3) people.


You will be asked to base your assignment 1 and assignment 2 on the same company. You may do your reflection on (or for) this company also (though not a requirement).  For assignment 1 and assignment 2 you may select a company you work for, or know of or have access to or you may select one of the companies on Study Desk. The choice is yours.


The marketing audit should be 3000 words (excluding title page, contents pages, reference list and any appendices). The marketing audit has the following sections.

  1. Organisational overview
  2. Environmental scan
  3. Segmentation and target market analysis
  4. Competitor analysis
  5. Stakeholder analysis
  6. Conclusions and recommendations

Note: for those of you working in a team (of three people) you will be required to fill in a team reflection template and include the team reflection template as an appendix to the assignment.


Assignment 3 – The Strategic Marketing Plan – 3500 words.

Due by 3 October 2016

Maximum grade 100

Weighting 50%

This assignment leads on from assignment 1. Essentially you are required to establish a marketing plan to grow the market and sales for the select organisation and target market from assignment 1.   You must continue to work either as an individual or continue to work in your team of three. You cannot change teams or opt in or opt out of a team.


The marketing plan word count is 3500 words (excluding title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list and any appendices. The team contribution template is an appendix and is not included in the word count). Study Desk will contain information about the requirements of you to develop the strategic marketing plan.


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