Pathological Condition

Pathological Condition

Make an even distribution for each disease and follow the instructions below for same disease. Proper headings address each point and sub-point of the instruction. Can’t be delayed for a minute. Please don’t miss out anything

The paper requires more additional information. APA format, 7 pages.

To simplify the content, I need a paper on these 4 diseases:

1.       Coronary Artery Disease

2.       Peripheral Neuropathy

3.       Spinal Stenosis

4. Peripheral Artery Disease

All 4diseases need to address the following information below.

1. Define the pathological condition, disease or syndrome

2. Emphasize and discuss the pathophysiology of this diagnosis.

a.                   What causes it?
b.                  How does it develop?
c.                   What role does genetics have in the development of the disorder, if at all?
d.                  Discuss all the body organ (s) or system affected by the disease.
e.                   How are normal anatomy and physiology altered?
f.                   How is normal body function compromised?
g.                  What are the potential complication or sequelae of the disease process?

3. Who is at risk for developing this pathological condition?
4. How can it be prevented?

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