Short memo progress report

Short memo progress report

Your CEO will be meeting with the company’s Board of Directors, a group of 5 people who ensure the company is running smoothly.  The meeting is in one week and she cannot wait for your completed analytical business report (see Module 9). She needs a short report immediately so that she can prepare a presentation for the board of directors.


Your task is to write a 1-2 page memo report discussing the reasons why the company is investigating more flexible work practices, the methodology for determining the most appropriate work practice, and the results of your research to date.   Use the survey data provided in Module 9 to construct at least two (2) graphs(effective visuals) in Excel.  Then insert the Excel graphs into your memo under the appropriate heading.

Use standard business memo format – a memo template is provided in this module.


Short Report (Memo) Rubric

Short Report (Memo) Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts  
Format/Layout – Correct memo format is used. Subject line previews the contents. 8.0 pts
Format/Layout – Topic headings use parallel construction. Headings are properly formatted and spaced. 5.0 pts
Content – Introductory sentences/paragraph provides an overview of the report. Each statement is meaningful and adds value to the report 10.0 pts
Content – 2 effective visuals are included, properly labeled and referenced in the report; corresponding text accurately describes the figure 30.0 pts
Writing Style – Proper grammar and mechanics are used. Wordiness is avoided. 9.0 pts
Writing Style – Use of “I” and “we” is avoided; Being verbs are avoided; Action verbs predominate 8.0 pts
Total Points: 70.0

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