Survey Results for the Telecommuting Option

Survey Results for the Telecommuting Option

NOTE: Results for each question are shown in red.

  1. Telecommuting is a good option. Choose one.


16   Strongly agree

42   Agree

18   Neutral

6      Disagree

3      Strongly Disagree


  1. If a telecommuting option were offered, how many days per week would you prefer to telecommute? Choose one.


6      0 days per week

47   1-2 days per week

23   3-4 days per week

9      5 or more days per week


  1. Would you be willing to take a small salary deduction to cover the costs of implementing a telecommuting program?


14   yes

71   no



Survey Monkey® was used to develop an anonymous online survey to assess worker preferences concerning telecommuting.  The survey link was sent to all 100 employees in the company.  A total of 85 employees responded to the survey.


Of the 85 respondents, approximately half are female and half are male. About 10 percent of the respondents are 51-70 years old; 45 percent are 35-50 years old; 30 percent are 25-34 years old, and the rest are between the ages of 18 and 24.


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