Asian Currency Crisis

Asian Currency Crisis

The following is the list of questions for the paper:

  1. How did the Asian Currency Crisis Start?
  2. What were the major causes for the crisis?
  3. Why did it spread to other countries?
  4. What damage did the Asian economies suffer as a result of the crisis?
  5. How did it affect international trade and exchange rates, i.e. who were the winners and losers?
  6. How did it get resolved? Who suffered in the aftermath of the resolution of the crisis?
  7. What was the impact of the crisis on the financial markets in the U.S.?
  8. Scanning the globe, what country, or group of countries, could have the next currency crisis?


How to Approach the ACC Research Paper

  1. Do your research in the library , on the Web, etc.
  2. Read, absorb, process, understand the issues and then attempt to present the issue in your own words.
  3. Do not cut-and-paste!
  4. Make your explanations logical and easy to understand and follow
  5. Employ all that you have learned in the class, if applicable, to the events in the crisis
  6. The causes and origins of the crisis are the most important parts of the paper – concentrate on those issues and devote about ½ of the paper to them
  7. Keep your explanations and answers short, but logical
  8. Include your sources of research in bibliography
  9. Do not quote directly!
  10. The list of questions is just a backbone for your paper – you can cover other issues of importance as well




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