HIST 121 Essay Exam 1

HIST 121 Essay Exam 1

Prompt:. Create a short essay style exploration of at least FIVE of the topics/themes listed below. You should have a separate thesis statement for each* and be sure to not repeat yourself in separate questions.You will want to think about how they have been discussed in the class, problematized in the readings, and what your own thoughts are on them. You must use a minimum of SIX assigned readings overall and your total page length should not exceed TEN pages. *Alternately you may wish to have one thesis and explore five themes in one 7-10 page essay.


  • Provide a short essay style response to any FIVE of thethemes below. Worth a total of 100 points, 20 points each.
    • Please bold type the keyword/theme when you introduce it.
    • You will be graded on the strength of your argument (thesis), how well you use readings to back up your argument (evidence), as well as thoroughness, clarity, and organization. Your argument may be your opinion but opinion must not outweigh your analysis (doesn’t make up more than 25%).
    • Use specific examples from assigned readings. When you refer to material from the text cite them as: (author’s last name, page number). For lectures refer to them as (Montague, date). No works cited/references page required unless you use outside sources.
  • Format:
    • Keep your responses to 1-2 pages (~500 words)
    • Your exam needs to be typed, 12 pt. font, double-spaced and stapled.
    • Put your name in upper left-hand corner.


  • THEMES to explore:
  1. Geography
  2. Colonialism (including justifications for and lasting legacies of)
  3. Neo-colonialism
  4. Dependency Theory
  5. Debt and Structural Adjustment Programs
  6. Modernization theory and Industrialization
  7. Capitalism and Neoliberal Development
  8. Democracy, “Good Governance,” Nation-States
  9. Millennium Development Goals

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