Is culture a status-symbol?

Is culture a status-symbol?

The question you’re writing a response to is: “Is culture a status-symbol?” First of all, the term “status-symbol” may seem a bit unfamiliar at first, but it’s really just a more complicated way of saying “symbol of a person’s status”. Status, if you don’t remember, is the “prestige attached to people’s positions within society”. In other words, can the culture you possess/are a part of be a representation of your position within society? Do people of high status have a different culture than those of a lower status? Now, remember that your paper topic is phrased as a question, so there are multiple ways to write a response to this. You could: Agree, culture is a status-symbol, and provide examples of how in every society the elites distinguish themselves from the rest by participating in high culture events. Disagree, culture is not a status-symbol, in every society the elites and those of lower status have the same culture (very unlikely response by the way). Agree…to some extent. Yes, culture is a status-symbol, but just as culture differs from society to society, the manner in which culture manifests itself as a symbol of status differs from society to society as well.

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