Presentation on Music Artist: Depeche Mode

Presentation on Music Artist: Depeche Mode

This presentations will challenge your creativity and knowledge of a Depeche Mode. You will create a historical content for your presentation and, add your own flair. All of the formatting for your presentation are below. If you have any questions, please let me know what I can do to help. I want you to have some fun with the presentation. Try and think outside of the box.

The presentation will have no less than fifteen (15) slides.

Please do not have a slide with just one song.

Please do not have a slide with all pictures. You may use pictures

Your slides must have at least five points, no less!

Your font should be no larger than 30.

These are the only fonts you may use on your presentation.




Times New Roman

Your presentation will provide a historical account of the artist that will include but not limited to:

An overview of the artist’s family history.

Were the artist was born, and information about how the town/city help shaped the artist.

Discuss how the artist got started in the music industry.

Discuss the artist’s education.

Discuss how the artist became famous.

You should analysis the artist’s accomplishment (This should draw on strong evidence).

Cover Slide:

You will also include a cover slide for your presentation.

This cover slide will not count as one of your fifteen (15) slides.

You are now up to sixteen (16) slides.

Your cover slide will consist of:

Enter your name.

Artist or Band name.

The name of the class.

Enter the section number of the class.
You will also create a catchy subtitle.


You will need to have 7 different sources for your presentation.

You may use Wikipedia only once during your presentation.

You must use at least one peer—reviewed source (article, book, etc.).

You must use one popular source (e.g., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website).

You must also include a bibliography slide or bibliography is submitted as a word document.

You may use either APA, MLA, or Chicago style for your bibliography (if you make a bibliography slide you will have seventeen (17) slide).

With everything being said, you will need to have at least seventeen (17) slides.
Of course, more is always better.


You will receive an extra 25 points if you add music, videos and/or narrate your presentation.

You can use any music source that you would like:



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