Psychology paper

Psychology paper
Your textbook outlines four types of operant conditioning: positive
reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and
negative punishment. Within your post define and give your own
examples for two of these, one positive and one negative. Then, make
two other posts in which you reply to your fellow classmates with
suggestions of improvements or alternatives to their examples, or cite
authoritative research regarding their examples. As noted in the
Some examples of substantial contributions include elaboration on a
point, constructive criticism, finding relevant examples or
counterexamples from authoritative sources or personal experience,
finding outside research on the topic, or addressing an example in the
context of what is discussed in course materials.

250 words required for this essay. Furthermore, I also need two 150
words short paragraphs talking about the same thing but no outside
research needed. They need to be separated.

Hence, 250 words essay (with one outside source)
150 words paragraph
150 words paragraph
Total: 550 words

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