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Presentation on Music Artist: Depeche Mode

Presentation on Music Artist: Depeche Mode

This presentations will challenge your creativity and knowledge of a Depeche Mode. You will create a historical content for your presentation and, add your own flair. All of the formatting for your presentation are below. If you have any questions, please let me know what I can do to help. I want you to have some fun with the presentation. Try and think outside of the box.

The presentation will have no less than fifteen (15) slides.

Please do not have a slide with just one song.

Please do not have a slide with all pictures. You may use pictures

Your slides must have at least five points, no less!

Your font should be no larger than 30.

These are the only fonts you may use on your presentation.




Times New Roman

Your presentation will provide a historical account of the artist that will include but not limited to:

An overview of the artist’s family history.

Were the artist was born, and information about how the town/city help shaped the artist.

Discuss how the artist got started in the music industry.

Discuss the artist’s education.

Discuss how the artist became famous.

You should analysis the artist’s accomplishment (This should draw on strong evidence).

Cover Slide:

You will also include a cover slide for your presentation.

This cover slide will not count as one of your fifteen (15) slides.

You are now up to sixteen (16) slides.

Your cover slide will consist of:

Enter your name.

Artist or Band name.

The name of the class.

Enter the section number of the class.
You will also create a catchy subtitle.


You will need to have 7 different sources for your presentation.

You may use Wikipedia only once during your presentation.

You must use at least one peer—reviewed source (article, book, etc.).

You must use one popular source (e.g., Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website).

You must also include a bibliography slide or bibliography is submitted as a word document.

You may use either APA, MLA, or Chicago style for your bibliography (if you make a bibliography slide you will have seventeen (17) slide).

With everything being said, you will need to have at least seventeen (17) slides.
Of course, more is always better.


You will receive an extra 25 points if you add music, videos and/or narrate your presentation.

You can use any music source that you would like:




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In this case assignment, consider some key strategies recently implemented by Dish in its effort to succeed and compete in its current competitive environment. Discuss the strategic direction of the company and whether you believe the organization to be on the right track. Make recommendations that you believe would help Dish to gain market share (that is, hypothetically formulate what you think would be useful strategies for Dish to consider). Also comment regarding whether you believe Dish operates in a socially responsible manner and whether their CSR record helps or hinders their success.

Useful references, you may not be able to access them, if not, use any other credible references you can find.

Subba, R. (2009). Strategic Management [Including Skill Development]. Himalaya Publishing House. Retrieved as e-book from Trident University’s online library. Pp. 77 – 118.
Please open the Trident University IBIS World document and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the “Click Here” hyperlink at the bottom of the page. This will take you to IBIS World, an organization well known for conducting industry level research. Run a search on “Cable” in the search window. You will then see a list of links that will lead you to detailed industry specific report. Please click on Cable Providers in the U.S.

Also take some time to look at what’s going on in related industries.

Here are some additional background readings on strategic planning and strategy formulation.

Collins, M. K., & Winrow, B. (2010). Porter’s generic strategies as applied toward e-tailers post-leegin. The Journal of Product and Brand Management, 19(4), 306-311. doi:

Ormanidhi, O., & Stringa, O. (2008). Porter’s model of generic competitive strategies. Business Economics, 43(3), 55-64. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Collins, J. M. (2013). Strategic planning. Printing Industries of America, the Magazine, 5(2), 4-6. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Chaneta, I. (2014). STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING. International Journal of Marketing and Technology, 4(2), 71-78. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Kukreja, D. (2013). STRATEGIC PLANNING: A ROADMAP TO SUCCESS. Ivey Business Journal Online, , 1. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Murray, J. (2013). Strategic planning missing its mark. Bottom Line, 29(14), 13-13,17. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

Salvador, V. L. (2005). Competitive advantage and strategy formulation: The key role of dynamic capabilities. Management Decision, 43(5), 661-669. Retrieved from Trident University International library.

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Health Systems, Inc. using Visio

Health Systems, Inc. using Visio

Assignment Overview
Health Systems, Inc., the regional hospital that you worked with in the Unit 1 assignment, has hired you to create a design document about how to build remote access to their organization. For this assignment, you will explain how to design the LAN at a remote branch site and discuss how it will interconnect through a WAN to the main Health Systems hospital site.

Assignment Instructions
Use Visio to create a diagram for your project. You may access Visio via the Toolwire Resources in this unit. Include the following in your diagram:

Display the basic LAN and WAN topology for your remote sites.
Display router and switch placement.
Display computers and workstations.
After creating your diagram, write a paper in which you complete the following:

Describe your diagram. Include specifications about the topologies, cabling, routers, and switches.
Provide an analysis of your diagram. Explain the role that the devices on your network play in network communication.
Support your diagram. Provide reasoning for choosing the switching and routing, transmission media, and topology.
Submission Requirements
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: If you use sources, ensure that resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Refer to the Network Design Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this Assignment.

Report about Fast Food and Home Cooked Food

Report about Fast Food and Home Cooked Food

Ethical Issue in the working place

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Ethical Issue in the working place

Mary works at Acme, Inc. The company is heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and it has an audit scheduled for next week. Mary’s boss approached her and requested that she not tell anyone about the recent toxic waste spill that happened on the company’s property. She later witnessed her boss destroying key documents that were recently requested by the EPA. Mary approaches her boss to tell him she is uncomfortable with the situation. Her boss tells her that he will fire her if she brings it up again.

In 1500 – 2100 words, discuss how the concepts of employment at will, whistle blowing and ethical frameworks (ethical perspectives, i.e. free market ethics, utilitarianism, deontology, virtue ethics or ethic of care. ) apply in this scenario. Use at least four credible sources, one of which is the assigned textbook in this class. Your response must include four credible/quality references.

book to use is:
Beauchamp, T. L., Bowie, N. E., & Arnold, D. G. (2013). In Ethical Theory and Business (pp. 61­62). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.
Your essay must be in APA 6th edition format, and include a title page and references page. An abstract is not required. Please name your assignment file as ‘lastnamefirstinitial-Midterm.

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Advertisement about air quality in the Salt Lake Valley

Advertisement about air quality in the Salt Lake Valley

Is culture a status-symbol?

Is culture a status-symbol?

The question you’re writing a response to is: “Is culture a status-symbol?” First of all, the term “status-symbol” may seem a bit unfamiliar at first, but it’s really just a more complicated way of saying “symbol of a person’s status”. Status, if you don’t remember, is the “prestige attached to people’s positions within society”. In other words, can the culture you possess/are a part of be a representation of your position within society? Do people of high status have a different culture than those of a lower status? Now, remember that your paper topic is phrased as a question, so there are multiple ways to write a response to this. You could: Agree, culture is a status-symbol, and provide examples of how in every society the elites distinguish themselves from the rest by participating in high culture events. Disagree, culture is not a status-symbol, in every society the elites and those of lower status have the same culture (very unlikely response by the way). Agree…to some extent. Yes, culture is a status-symbol, but just as culture differs from society to society, the manner in which culture manifests itself as a symbol of status differs from society to society as well.

Sociology paper

Sociology paper

Is the U.S. a surveillance society?  Airport computer scans of the body, Internet tracking cookies,  key stroke tracking, data mining of social and entertainment media, electronic eavesdropping, mass collection of phone data, and now, drones to spy on the outdoor space of private property, and continued state intrusion into family life, are all a part of Bentham’s panopticon to regulate human thought, emotion and behavior.  The private individual is no more – only homo publicus (the public human being) remains not knowing whether he or she is under surveillance.

Some established norms are arbitrary and capricious, that is, some group gained power at some point in history to impose its values on others. If we have moved to homo publicus should norms and its legal form, law, be reevaluated to decriminalize and destigmatize bodily expression and behaviors that are, and have been, relatively benign on the fabric of society.  To sustain individual liberty in the surveillance society, what were once private bodily expressions and behavior are now potentially public because there is less and less privacy due to the sophistication of technological surveillance methods by government, corporations and individual citizens.  Will social control of the surveillance society be offset by decriminalizing and destigmatizing bodily expression?

Write a paper exploring this issue.  Focus on a particular bodily behavior that is benignly deviant.  Benign deviance is the gray area  of life where the cultural norms (law) and social norms (what people actually do) is largely symbolic both authority and subjects have low congruence on the issue and conflict is less likely. When authority and subjects largely take opposing views on an issue there is high congruence; conflict is probable.  Social nudism, for example, is sure to pit its practitioners against the values of many religious groups. However, given that surveillance is a breach of privacy, we can hypothesize government and corporations condition nudism in high congruent conflict with religious groups in support of surveillance, a less conscious public.  For those who are endeared to surveillance, including, screenings that depict the nude body, there is low congruence between authority and nudism. You may choose your bodily expression of research interest.  Here are questions you might consider:

  • How would the decriminalization and/or destigmatization of individual behaviors influence social solidarity?
  • What adjustments would Americans have to make to function in a society where some private behavior is normalized as public behavior?
  • If forced, could Americans make such adjustments?
  • What would you personally have to give up and/or change about your lifestyle to live in a surveillance society?
  • If you had to, could you make such adjustments?
  • Finally, in which ways, if any, do think that American society and/or you would be better off without the surveillance society?
  • In which ways, would society and/or you be worse off?
  • How does Europe compare to the United States in terms of homo publicus? Latin America?  South America?  Middle East?  Africa?
  • What variables in each country give homo publicus bodily freedom compared to those countries where homo publicus is constrained by the surveillance society?
  • Evaluate whether the surveillance society as a social force pushes society to offset constraints to privacy by destigmatizing benign deviance in the public square (increasing individual liberty).
  • How could the surveillance society liberate a culture from antiquated norms or push cultural consensus toward a new morality based on actual harm as opposed to group preferences, opinions or traditions?

Paper format:

  • 4 to 6 pages of narrative. Does not include cover page, abstract, works cited, or graphics.
  • You must include at least 4 references and 4 citations.
  • Use APA to format your references, citations, and layout of your paper.
  • You can include charts, figures, etc.
  • Cover page with title, course, your name.
  • 1″ margins, 12 pt font, double-spaced, proper formatting and spacing.
  • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar.
  • Failure to have in-text citations and works cited
  • references will result in a “0” for

Project 9-1 from Dean, T. (2012). Network+ guide to networks. Cengage Learning.

Project 9-1  from Dean, T. (2012). Network+ guide to networks. Cengage Learning.

Complete Project 9-1 from the book and submit a snapshot of the outcome before you exit
In previous chapters, you were exposed to some basic TCP/IP utilities and commands. In this project, you will gain more experience with TCP/IP troubleshooting commands. To complete this project, you may use any type of workstation that has the TCP/IP protocol suite installed and is connected to the Internet. The following steps cover Windows 7, UNIX, and Linux workstations. Note that with some versions of Linux, you might have to replace traceroute with tracepath in the route tracing command syntax.
Complete Project 9-2 from the book and submit a snapshot of the outcome before you exit
As you have learned, DNS (Domain Name System) stores information about hosts and IP addresses in resource records. You have also learned about several types of DNS records, including an address (A) resource record, name server (NS) record, and mail exchange (MX) record. In this project, you will use the nslookup utility to determine a domain’s mail server address. Then, you’ll perform tests to verify that the mail server is working. This series of steps might be performed by a network administrator whose clients are having difficulty exchanging mail with users on another network.
Merge all snapshots in a single Word document before submitting.

Short memo progress report

Short memo progress report

Your CEO will be meeting with the company’s Board of Directors, a group of 5 people who ensure the company is running smoothly.  The meeting is in one week and she cannot wait for your completed analytical business report (see Module 9). She needs a short report immediately so that she can prepare a presentation for the board of directors.


Your task is to write a 1-2 page memo report discussing the reasons why the company is investigating more flexible work practices, the methodology for determining the most appropriate work practice, and the results of your research to date.   Use the survey data provided in Module 9 to construct at least two (2) graphs(effective visuals) in Excel.  Then insert the Excel graphs into your memo under the appropriate heading.

Use standard business memo format – a memo template is provided in this module.


Short Report (Memo) Rubric

Short Report (Memo) Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts  
Format/Layout – Correct memo format is used. Subject line previews the contents. 8.0 pts
Format/Layout – Topic headings use parallel construction. Headings are properly formatted and spaced. 5.0 pts
Content – Introductory sentences/paragraph provides an overview of the report. Each statement is meaningful and adds value to the report 10.0 pts
Content – 2 effective visuals are included, properly labeled and referenced in the report; corresponding text accurately describes the figure 30.0 pts
Writing Style – Proper grammar and mechanics are used. Wordiness is avoided. 9.0 pts
Writing Style – Use of “I” and “we” is avoided; Being verbs are avoided; Action verbs predominate 8.0 pts
Total Points: 70.0
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