Market Research

Market Research

Coya Sun

Week3 A1


  • An example of a primary research study, such as a printed or an online survey or a questionnaire. (Post survey and a link to it)

This should be a RESEARCH STUDY versus a customer service survey.   Ideally, the questions, responses, and analysis should be available with having to purchase something or sign up for something.  Think CREDIBLE — much like a study used in a peer reviewed or scholarly research study.  Journals have many studies where the research was conducted by correct research standards. At minimum, choose a study that is relevant to your client.  Look ahead to W4 A1 because you will use this study for next week’s assignment.  Be sure to revise this assignment following feedback in the thread and Grade book. 

  • Analyze the research piece

To analyze means to summarize, compare, contrast, the research’s purpose, strengths and weaknesses.  Assess what is included and not included.  Place in context–for example, if a survey was only conducted among women, it could be skewed because men were not included.  Or, if the sample size, number of people is small, it might not be a true reflection of all consumers.

  • Identify the following:
    • Which questions provide the researcher with qualitative data?
    • How do you know this?
    • Which questions provide the researcher with quantitative data?
    • How do you know this?
    • What is the purpose of the study?
    • Who do you think the intended target audience of the study was?
    • Why?



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