Philosophy 110; Critical thinking

Philosophy 110

Critical thinking 

DIRECTIVES: Follow the 5 steps for writing Argumentative Essays:
Reference book: Power of Critical Thinking By Lewis Vaughn 4th edition
Sources if needed.
Chapter 2 was about obstacles to critical thinking and attached are the Fallacies as stated in chapter 5.

A: Introduction [2pts]

Thesis or Objective. (Thesis = Main claim or conclusion); you can also state it in terms of an Objective to be achieved in the paper or both) [4pts]
Main Body of the Essay. (Devote 1 or 2 paragraphs to each main point with supporting evidence and illustrations or examples etc.) [8pts]
Discussion of actual or hypothetical questions and your response.[4pts]
Conclusion (Summary, highlight of main points, lessons learned for now or the future. Etc; but no new topic or issues not treated in the body) [2pts]

Q1. Imagine you have been invited by the Chairperson of the Democrat Party or the Republican Party to advise the party and their presidential candiadte on how to deal with the violent and often deadly conflict between unarmed blacks and the police and gun control laws in the country. What advice will you give to the Party? [NB: Be sure to use ideas from chapter 2 and and fallacies from chapter 5]

Q2. Many people think that now that we have a Black President and a Black Family in the White House, Affirmative Action for Blacks is no longer necessary. Show why you agree with the criticism on moral or legal grounds.

Summarize and Critique Essay#1 on page 476 and 477:

Q3. Death Penalty Discriminates against Black Crime Victims. Show why you agree or disagree. (Be sure to use fallacies from Chap 5)

Length: 3-pages plus end notes or bibliography in line with APA, MLA or Chicago formats, depending on your major or minor.

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