Healthcare Economics and Policy Analy

Subject Economics
Topic Healthcare Economics and Policy Analysis


Paper details

Part 1 must be two to three substantive paragraphs (250 + words) and include at least two APA-formatted citation/reference Access the Library Resources located on SHARC and use the Journal/Research Databases to locate an article on any of the following topics. After reviewing the article, discuss your opinion regarding the article. Apply basic economic principle to today’s healthcare market Explain the role of healthcare consumers and providers in relationship to supply and demand Describe the role of cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis in the determination and deliverance of healthcare services Examine the impact of the different types of health insurance plans on health care economics must be two to three substantive paragraphs (250 + words) and include at least two APA-formatted citation/reference **** This a helpful link for part 1 assignment*** part2 Answer the following problems from you textbook. Support your answers using peer-reviews or scholarly journals. Follow APA format and attach as a Microsoft Word document. 1) Chapter 1 (page 23): Question 1 {economic principles} What is the opportunity cost of going to a doctor to be examined for skin cancer? 2) Chapter 2 (page 46): Question 9 Provide your own example of a diamonds– water paradox in medicine, in which the clearly more valuable service is provided at a much lower price. 3) Chapter 3 (page 76): Question 7 {willingness to pay} What determines the value of a cure for acne? For ALS (amyloid lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease)? For Alzheimer’s disease? Which discovery is worth more to a pharmaceutical firm that is able to patent a cure? 4) Chapter 4 (page 105): Question 10 {incidence} When medical care is reimbursed through employer- provided insurance, whose welfare is ultimately affected when the cost of medical care rises: the owners of the firm that pays the premiums (employer), the government whose revenues are reduced because insurance benefits are not taxable as wages, or the public in their roles as workers, consumers, and taxpayers? Is there any difference between short- term and long- term effects? 5) Chapter 5 (page 132): Question 6 {adverse selection} Which government insurance program is more affected by adverse selection: Medicare or Medicaid? *****please include at least two APA-formatted citation/reference,,,,,,,,,Please put part 1 and part 2 on separate papers,,,,,,,I will message the book and the helpful link for part 1….Also,,,,,please use only 250 words for part 1 and the remaining for part 2


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