AHIMA Code of Ethics

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AHIMA Code of Ethics


Consider this scenario:

You work at a hospital and your mom is meeting you in your office for lunch. She arrives with the food and in an excited voice she says:

“I need to shut your door…I just saw Judy and she told me Paul is in the oncology suite. They haven’t been at the summer block gatherings this year. I had no idea that he was a patient here. What’s wrong with him? I’d like to send him a card and drop off some cookies. Maybe I can visit him after lunch. What room is he in?”


Your door is shut and you are only there with your mom.


Consider the AHIMA Code of Ethics and specifically refer to at least one line from it when posting to this discussion.

  • What information can you provide to your mom about Judy’s husband?
  • With the Code of Ethics applying to all HIM professionals, why might HIM professionals apply ethical behavior differently from one another?

APA format

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