AS 310 Project Requirements

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AS 310 Project Requirements

This project is due by the end of class Wednesday August 10, 2016. After that time all papers will receive a grade of 0 (zero).
The project will consist of a group of three students. The students will complete a performance report that will include the following sections following a cover page with the title of the project, semester, section, and the full names of the group members:
1. Executive summary of the performance characteristics of the aircraft. This section will discuss any negative aspects in performance, i.e. takeoff, climb angle, single engine, cruise, etc. 2. Answers to all of the performance problems listed on the project page. To include clean and labeled graphs and charts. 3. Raw data to include drop down tables and their values for each problem.
Group Project Grading will consist of the following: 50% – Section 2 answers must be correct 30% – Section 3 complete 10% – Section 1 Complete and professional 10% – Overall thoroughness, grammar, punctuation, and professional presentation 100% – Overall Group Project Grade
Each group member will rate the other group members for a participation grade. That grade will be average including the self assessment by the group members. This will be assessed at the beginning of class Wednesday August 10, 2016. You must be present to grade yourself, or your self assessment will be a 0 included in the average.
The Individual Project grade to be recorded will consist of the following:
Individual Project Grade = Group Project Grade x Group Participation Grade


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