Monarchie Unleashed

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Subject History
Topic Monarchies Unleashed


Paper details

**This is a Research Essay/Paper, to be written in a simple voice, not using too many big academia words** ***This is to be an A assignment, with almost no errors*** I am using Lecture Notes from week eight to have the web research done from. I will upload them. **There is to be one source, that is the website that the paper will be wrote about** **See the instruction below provider by the instructor** Students will conduct research on the web for a website that relates to a topic studied in Origins of the Modern World to 1600 and present arguments for its inclusion in future classes. In a two to three page essay, students should address the following: 1. Introduce the instructor to the website, directing his attention to features of particular interest. 2. Relate the website’s contents to specific content in either of this course’s textbooks or to a lecture outline. How does this site validate or contradict ideas in the textbook or lecture? 3. Present an argument that the website should be included in future classes. Note that this does involve making an actual assignment for a hyptothetical student to perform that would be similar to the Websearch assignments of this class. The idea behind this is look at the site from an educational perspective. (What will people learn from it? Does it affect their lives? Can they relate to the material? Does the site do a good job of representing the cultures and their aspects? These are the kinds of things you may want to address.)


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