Ecology Questions

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Ecology Questions

Please answer the following questions in a 200-word response minimum. Try your best to reference the text I will message you privately for how to access the text book.

  1. Discuss the current view  how the abiotic synthesis of polymers led to the formation of life on earth.


  1. Explain how ecologists define species diversity. What types of information must be gathered by scientists to assess the degree of diversity of an ecological community?


  1. Would removing an endangered species out of their habitat to preserve them if their ecosystem is allowed to disappear? Explain.


  1. One area of concern to scientists are ecosystems. Ecosystems can not be recreated in a laboratory study. Instead, field studies are used as a substitute for the laboratory but field observations are lacking in the ability to control variables which exist.

What caveats would you state to a lay person regarding the results of a field study


  1. One consideration for conservation of a species is the role of competition between and among populations of species. What is interspecific competition and discuss the impact competition has on the structure of an ecological community.


  1. Two concepts often discussed in ecology are a community and a population. Compare and contrast a community and a population.


Please participate (respond) to the classmate’s answers with POSITIVE notable and educational input. (200 word minimum Reponses)


  1. Danielle: A community of organisms refers to all of the populations of organisms living close enough together to interact.  Species diversity refers to the variety of species that makes up a community, and includes two facets: species richness, or the number of separate species within a community, and the relative abundance of each of those species.  Plant and animal diversity affects the community as a whole; where plant diversity is low, it may attract a smaller variety of animals specific to, for instance, the particular edible plants and habitable trees in the community.  Greater diversity also decreases the risk of disease by pathogens; monocultural agriculture, for instance, is more susceptible to mass disease by a pathogent to which the crop is not resistant than is a crop field in which several varieties of crop are planted, where some may be resistant and some may not be.


Reece, J.B., Taylor, M.R., Simon, E.J., & Dickey, J.L. (2012). Campbell biology: concepts & connections (7th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson Education, Inc., p. 746.



  1. Tyler: When looking at life on Earth and the abiotic synthesis of polymers they are three stages to consider. The first step is the abiotic synthesis of small organic molecules in the origin of life, which then leads us to the abiotic synthesis of polymers. Enzymes catalyze in a cell that then join monomers that build polymers, which there are concerns into whether or not this could have happened. One of the key steps in the origin of life is the isolation of a collection of organic molecules within a membrane enclosed compartment, which is called formation of protocells. Once this happens we move to self replicating RNA, which when RNA is added to a RNA monomer new RNA molecules complementary to parts of the starting RNA sometimes assemble then monomers would adhire to clay particles and this is where the use of RNA world came into context. (Reece, Taylor, Simon, & Dickey, 2012).


Reece, J.B., Taylor, M.R., & Simon, E.J., & Dickey, J.L. (2012). Campbell biology: concepts and connections (7th ed.).

Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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