Law Questions

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Law Questions

Ch 11 #3

Racicky was in the process of buying 320 acres of ranch land. While that sale was being negotiated, Racicky signed a contract to sell the land to Simon. Simon paid $144,000, the full price of the land. But Racicky went bankrupt before he could complete the purchase of the land, let alone its sale. Which of these remedies should Simon seek: expectation, restitution, or specific performance?
Ch 12 #5

Laurie’s contract to sell her tortilla chip business to Hudson contained a provision that she must continue to work at the business for five years. One year later, she quit. Hudson refused to pay her the amounts still owing under the contract. Laurie alleged that he (Hudson) is liable for the full amount because her breach was not material. Is Laurie correct?

Ch 13 #4

Lewis River Golf, Inc., grew and sold sod. It bought seed from the defendant, O.M. Scott & Sons, under an express warranty. But the sod grown from the Scott seeds developed weeds, a breach of Scott’s warranty. Several of Lewis River’s customers sued, unhappy with the weeds in their grass. Lewis River lost most of its customers, cut back its production from 275 acres to 45 acres, and destroyed all remaining sod grown from Scott’s seeds. Eventually, Lewis River sold its business at a large loss. A jury awarded Lewis River $1,026,800, largely for lost profits. Scott appealed, claiming that a plaintiff may not recover for lost profits. Comment.


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