Miss Representation movie

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Miss Representation movie

Paper on Synthesis of Ideas. 1000 words total. Paper should be in APA format (an abstract page does not need to be included). Paper should be in essay format, not question and answer, and address the questions below.


  1. Submit a draft paper addressing the following questions, at least one paragraph for each question, with nicely worded transitions to the next paragraph (Rough draft is worth 150 points).   


1)    What did you learn from the film?

2)    How much media do you (and your family and friends) consume in a day and what is this media telling you about what it means to be a woman or a man?

3)    The film argues that harmful representations of women persist because the media uses hyper-sexualized images to sell products/ideas/services. Who or what benefits from the misrepresentations of women in the media? Who holds responsibility?

4)    In the film, Katie Couric and Jan Yanehiro talk about their role models. Rachel Maddow says there is an expectation for her to be a mentor to other women who enter her field. Have you identified role models? If so, who are they? Is it important to have women role models and mentors?

5)    Barbara Berg says that throughout history, the word ‘feminist’ has been given a bad name in order to discredit the women’s movement. What is your relationship to feminism? Is there value in identifying with the feminist movement?

6)    Calvin talked about the pressure he feels to conform to the images of masculinity promoted in the media and by his peers. How is masculinity represented in the media you watch, read, and listen to? How do these images affect the way men might view themselves and the way they might view women?

7)    Cory Booker describes men as “emotionally constipated” and Jane Fonda says its important for young boys not to separate their heart from their head. Do you feel it is important for men to show emotion? What is at stake if they do? How can we encourage a world where it is ok for men and boys to fully express their emotions?


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