MSU com275 Effects of mass communication

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MSU com275 Effects of mass communication

Extra Credit:

Do one of the following:


  • Watch one news story each from the following YouTube Channels: The Young Turks; CNN; Fox News; MSNBC.


Write a minimum of two pages discussion what you viewed in the context of one of the following subjects we discussed this semester: Priming; Agenda Setting; Cultivation; Uses and Gratifications; Persuasion. It may help to watch news stories about the same topic.


  • Watch an episode of either Adventure Time or Rick and Morty. Write a minimum of two pages, discussing the episode in terms of one of the following: Priming; Cultivation; Uses and Gratifications; Persuasion; Social Cognitive Theory; or Framing.


Only do one of the above choices. If you do both, I will only read the first one and grade your extra credit based on that. Write in APA format, and reference any points you make. Include a reference page (not part of the minimum two pages).

The extra credit will be worth up to 20 points. I will be grading based on your understanding of the material covered in class, and the originality of your discussion.

Turn the extra credit paper into the extra credit drop box on (Yes, that’s the same deadline for your final paper. Sorry, but papers need to be graded and turned into the school in time.)


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