Issues to Keep In Mind While Writting Research Papers

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Issues to Keep In Mind While Writting Research Papers


  • Briefly discuss broad problem (management dilemma and Management problem) dependent variable.
  • Strategic implication? Importance of solving problem?
  • Briefly discuss current research conducted to understand causes of problems-independent variables.
  • What is the research gap? (New construct new elements within a construct, new way to look at interrelationships, etc)
  • Position your research & your contribution. Discuss broad research purpose and more specific research objectives.
  • What are the strategic implication of your contribution?

Literature Review

  • Explore old and new construct and its importance etc. Examine and discuss evidence, whether evidence is empirical, from a related field, or anecdotal. Explain why independent variable is likely to impact dependent variable and what should be the nature of this relationship.
  • Based on the above discussion, come up with research questions.
  • Hypothesize relationship of construct to dependent variable – most should be relational
  • Hypotheses should be stated in Greek and in English
  • Formulation of model (linking constructs)
  • Is the model complete?

Measurement of model & constructs

  • How should each construct be measured?
    • Back up by past studies & report scale properties
    • Are these relevant to the situation?
    • Discuss additions and omissions
  • Questionnaire
    • Brief discussion of order, wording, layout
    • Pretest details and modifications

Sampling plan

  • Sampling frame?
  • Element versus sampling unit?
  • Type of sampling?
  • Efforts to reduce errors such as nonresponse error?


  • What methodology will be used and shy is it appropriate?
  • Be specific about what test will be done and how would you perform each hypotheses test

Other elements typically found in journal articles

  1. Data collection details and justification.
  2. Reporting or results and test of hypotheses
  3. Discussion of results, how do they relate to those obtained from the past literature and what are their implications as far as the management dilemma is concerned. If a hypotheses is not supported or marginally supported, outlined a probable reason.
  4. Conclusion should be short and reemphasize the key elements of the paper (such as the research purpose and key findings.)


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