ENG1DPL: First Assessment FAQ; Assignment 1

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ENG1DPL: First Assessment FAQ

When is this assignment due?

This assignment is due on 11 September 2016. It is 600×2 words long.

What type of structure is required?

The assessment is not a typical essay, but rather consists of TWO 600 word sections. The assessment is a short answer exercise in close reading and applying the key terms you have chosen to your chosen passage(s).

As each part of the assessment is only 600 words you are NOT required to write a formal introduction, all that is required is a topic sentence or thesis statement as the first sentence.

E.g: ‘In this paper I will explore the key term Bildungsroman in relation to a passage from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.’

No explanation of the key term is required, but reference definitions, quotes, etc. it if not taken from the LMS.

Paragraphs are not essential, but use them if you think they are needed.

Also include the passage(s) you are analysing either at the beginning or end of your work.


Are quotations included in the word count?

Quotations from primary or secondary texts are not included in the word count, only your own words are counted.


Can I go over or under the word count?

The general rule is 10% above or under the word count is acceptable (that is 60 words over, 60 words under for each 600 word section).

Work that is excessively over the word count will lose marks. E.g. an 800 word analysis.

Work that is below the word count and outside the 10% range would be in danger of a fail grade. E.g. a 400 word analysis would be unacceptable 

Do I need to use referencing?

You will need to reference the quotes you use from the primary text or passage you chose to analyse

Proper referencing is always required of all critical and primary texts.

(Exception: citing of phrases from LMS keywords not required)

Latrobe University’s referencing style is the Harvard system. Please use the Academic Referencing Tool under Quicklinks on the library website if in doubt about the particulars of this style. Make sure you include page numbers for any quotes you use not simply author/year.


What Key Terms can I use?

You can use any of the key terms listed in the weekly sections of the LMS for weeks 1-7 (these terms DO NOT required a reference).

In addition, you may use key terms discussed in the weekly readings 1-7 (these terms DO require a reference).


Can I write on the same text for both sections of the assessment?

No, you must choose TWO different texts and TWO different key terms for this assessment.

You can choose any primary text from weeks 1-7: starting with poetry in week 1 and ending with the week 7 novel Middlesex.


Can I use secondary sources?

Yes, you can use secondary readings to support your analysis and gain a better understanding of your key terms, though the use of secondary material is not essential.

If you do use secondary sources, remember to reference them.



Please use a readable font not smaller than 12pt. – Times New Roman is always a safe choice.

Please use 1.5 or double line-spacing and leave a 4cm margin on the right side for comments.


How do I get a good grade?  

A demonstrated understanding and application of the keyword in your analysis of the text/passage.

A close reading of the passage with textual evidence (quotes from the text you are analysing).

Important: Your analysis needs to draw evidence together into an overarching argument / interpretation of the passage as a whole.


Can I get an extension?

If you have LAP plan from Equity and Diversity you can organise extra time. Please discuss this with your tutor.

If you don’t have a LAP plan, you can ask your tutor for an extension if you have medical/illness reasons or serious personal reasons. Normally some form of documentation is required. Work commitments or assessments due in other subjects are not grounds for an extension.


What happens if I submit work late without an extension?

Please note that late submissions are penalised 5 marks per working day.


Where do I submit my work?

Submit your work via the turnitin link for assessment 1 on the LMS. You don’t need a Statement of Authorship form. By submitting online you automatically agree to abide the copyright rules.


Will I get feedback?

Yes, tutors will provide written feedback and a grade for each of your two close readings.


When do I get my result back?

You can expect to get your result for the first assessment 3-4 weeks after the submission date.  You can access your feedback in Turnitin.


Assignment 1

Due Date:  11/09/2016, 23.55pm

Word Count: 1200 (2x 600)

Value: 25%

Assessment 1 (Passage Analysis)

This assignment consists of two parts. Each part is 600 words (+/-10%) long. Please submit both parts together as one document to Turnitin.

For each part, choose a key term from our weekly lists or a key term that is clearly defined in our weekly critical readings. Read the definition of the term carefully. Next, choose a short passage of approximately 300-500 words from one of our texts. In a close reading, discuss the passage in relation to this term (600 words). You can choose from all texts and keywords of weeks 1-7.


For the second part, do the same thing for a different text and a different term (600 words).


You do have to include the passages in your essay. (You can put them either at the top or at the end of your essay. The passages are not included in your word count.) All quotations from the passage need to be fully referenced.


You don’t have to include the definition of your key term in the text if you use the definition on the LMS. However, if you choose a term from the critical readings or want to do research on your term, please include complete references.


You will receive feedback in Turnitin. Please allow 3-4 weeks for feedback.


Please refer to “Assessments” on the LMS for FAQs, the Assessment Help Guide, uploading instructions & more details.


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